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Binding Materials - Ribbon Markers

Wibalin® offers more than 80 colors and 100 Embossing for dyed-through, FSC certified colored kraft paper. Below are five common-used series. Find more through

We have Asia stock for a variety of colors in different series. Please check with your RRD asia contact to see more.

Luck offers custom-made service with over 200 different patterns and colours for customers, which is produced in China with more flexibility on minimum order quantity, lead time, and both color and pattern options.

FSC certification SGSHK-COC-011053 is listed on

Regular weight: 120gsm

Below we list Luck's regular Colors and Patterns.

Colored Paper - Rainbow®Colored Paper - Wibalin® Nature SeriesColored Paper - Wibalin® Buckram SeriesColored Paper - Wibalin® Finelinen SeriesColored Paper - Wibalin® Satina SeriesColored Paper - Wibalin® Flute SeriesColored Paper - LuckColored Paper - Luck-1Colored Paper - Luck-2Colored Paper - Luck-3Colored Paper - Luck-4Colored Paper - Luck-5Colored Paper - Luck-6Colored Paper - Luck-7Colored Paper - Luck-8Colored Paper - Luck-9Colored Paper - Luck-10Colored Paper - Luck-11Colored Paper - Luck-12Colored Paper - Luck-13

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