Take your device or medicine to market with scalable Life Sciences manufacturing and regulatory programs.

Capture efficiencies, reduce costs. Are you losing time and efficiency because of managing multiple vendors and agencies — or struggling to adopt quality-focused and accredited workflows in the highly‑regulated Life Sciences landscape?

What you need is a single-source partner that understands your world and can build tailored manufacturing and regulatory solutions that give you flexibility, cost-reduction and assurance.

Reach quality and regulatory compliance. We take a compliant and quality approach to production and handling, and we recognize products/materials regulated by the FDA and other bodies.

Solution design

A custom plan — optimize supply chain activity

Address every stage of your product life cycle with a complete supply chain plan that captures efficiencies and gives you flexibility in changing market.

  • Engineering of workflows
  • Re-engineering
Solution design
Creative services and global structural design

Creative services and global structural design

On-brand creative for a global health and wellness market

Bring your product and brand to life through an expert team that understands the highly-regulated Life Sciences market and the cost and supply chain pressures you face.

  • Brand stewardship and creative production
  • Conceptual structural design and prototypes

Sourcing and optimization

Leverage outsourced services, gain efficiency

Integrate and optimize commodity sourcing, business services and communications so you can capture savings and fulfill orders on demand. Leverage our technology to increase control.

  • Total cost of ownership (standardization, materials, etc.)
  • Commodity sourcing
  • Outsourced business services
  • Integrated communications management and sourcing
  • Centralized communication e-platform: ordering and fulfillment, procurement, reporting
Sourcing and optimization
cGMP production and supply chain

cGMP production and supply chain

Speed production time — a tailored approach

Scale up or down and capitalize on the efficiency of an optimized supply chain model. Leverage cleanrooms or non-cleanrooms depending on your project.

  • Prime, secondary and smart labels (RFID, NFC) printing
  • Printing of forms, PIs, inserts, IFUs, DFUs, etc.
  • Folding cartons, corrugated and rigid boxes
  • Kitting, including complex kits and custom procedure trays
  • Bundling and fulfillment
  • Device/product assembly, configuration and testing

Distribution and fulfillment

Manage drug and device inventory in a multichannel universe

Streamline product inventory management and fulfillment, while tapping into opportunities to repurpose products and play in the aftermarket.

  • Multichannel fulfillment — acute, clinics, home and retail
  • Vendor managed inventory (VMI) model
  • Final mile solution
  • Aftermarket care and product repurposing
Distribution and fulfillment

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