RRD GO Creative, formerly known as Global Outsourcing, is a premier provider of global workforce solutions.

Our 8,000 employees spread across eight delivery locations deliver customized business process outsourcing (BPO) and marketing process outsourcing (MPO) services to clients all over the world.

As a 30-year veteran in leveraging global talent, we offer a flexible platform of on-site, off-shore and near-shore resources. Our workflow experts match each task with the right talent on the right shore, enabling clients to benefit from the expertise of a global workforce, emerging technology, and process engineering.

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Creative Communications

1.5 million+ word processing transactions and 1 million+ presentations processed annually.

  • Documentation & Presentations

    Documentation & Presentations

    • Document production, distribution and storage
    • Presentation formatting and enhancement
    • Keynote Presentation and Prezi
    • Microsoft Sway
    • eLearning: design, build, and publish
    • Word processing
    • Proofreading
    • Content services
    • Transcription
    • Desktop publishing
    • Document digitization
    • Backup, redundancy, and disaster recovery
  • Production Design

    Production Design

    • Print-ready materials
    • Page layouts
    • Reports and memoranda
    • Photo retouching and resizing
    • Color corrections
    • Newsletters
  • Creative Design

    Creative Design

    • Collateral design: brochures, posters, pamphlets, flyers, banners, etc.
    • Infographics
    • Illustration
    • Ad banners
    • Branding: logos and campaign design materials
    • Packaging design
  • Video & Animation

    Video & Animation

  • Web Solutions & Digital Marketing

    Web Solutions & Digital Marketing

    • Custom web applications and mobile apps (iOS and Android)
    • Responsive web designs: UI and UX
    • Website development and maintenance
    • HTML newsletters
    • e-Pub
    • Web publishing
    • Health Care Professional (HCP)  — development and maintenance
    • Adobe Campaign
    • Oracle Eloqua
    • Veeva
    • Interactive e-detailers
    • Email sends and contact segmentation
    • Lead generation programs
building blocks for our interactive annual report

Interactive Annual Report

Investment Management Semiannual Report

Every communication presents an opportunity to engage. This interactive newsletter brings one client’s semiannual report to life.

Managed Services

1,400+ managed services professionals providing 24/7
OptiShore by RRD operations in 51 sites in 29 cities.

  • Market Research & Business Information Services (BIS)

    Market Research & Business Information Services (BIS)

    • Secondary research: Search and synthesis of information using specialized databases and resources
    • Financial research: Financial modeling and analysis of public and private companies, initial report development and regular updates
    • Strategic market research: Develop, analyze, and write original research reports covering companies, industries, geographies, and markets
  • Financial, Data & Portfolio Analysis

    Financial, Data & Portfolio Analysis

    • Financial analytics: Access, input, modeling, and analysis of financial information for public and private companies.
    • Data analytics: Analyze, interpret, and visualize complex datasets using advanced statistical tools and techniques.
    • Portfolio analysis: Capital call tracking, event tracking, IRR calculation, portfolio valuation and diversification, quarterly review, waterfall distribution
  • Virtual Administration Services

    Virtual Administration Services

    • Travel reservations — lodging, car service
    • Expense report management
    • Data entry and document creation
    • PowerPoint design and creative project support
    • Proofreading
    • Research via in-house tools or databases
    • Support matching subject matter experts with automation tools
  • Office Services & Operational Support

    Office Services & Operational Support

    • Desktop publishing (DTP)
    • Word processing
    • Print and mailroom
    • Accounting and legal spend analysis
    • Actuarial support services
    • Corporate governance (audit, compliance support)
    • Retirement services
    • Valuation and risk assessment for legal cases

Transaction Processing

50 million documents scanned, sorted, processed, and archived annually.

  • Attorney Support & Legal Marketing Services

    Attorney Support & Legal Marketing Services

    • Creative design
    • Marketing/Business development support
    • Word processing, proofreading, and transcription services
    • Translations
    • Library services
    • Virtual administration services
    • Office services (e.g., repro, mail, hospitality, and reception)
    • Data entry/processing
    • Finance and accounting
  • Contract Review & Management

    Contract Review & Management

    • Contract drafting and revisions/playbooks
    • Contract review
    • Abstractions
    • Mark-ups
    • Contract databases
    • Data extraction
    • Database administration
    • Database hosting
  • Bankruptcy Class Action

    Bankruptcy Class Action

    • Claims administration
    • Venue
    • Mail and fulfillment
    • Project management
  • Retail Banking & Financial Services

    Retail Banking & Financial Services

    • Application input
    • Enrollment services
    • Account servicing
    • Data management services
  • Correspondence Handling Services

    Correspondence Handling Services

    • Billing inquiries
    • Payments and related correspondence
    • Customer complaints
    • Debt management services
    • Voice support
  • Large-scale Data Capture

    Large-scale Data Capture

    • Mailroom and scanning solution
    • High-volume inputs (e.g., hard copy)
    • Data capture from images — offline and online
    • Data capture from varying sizes, sources and materials
  • Order Entry & Tracking

    Order Entry & Tracking

    • High-end customer support — end-to-end customer contact tracking
    • Order processing (fax, phone, email)
    • Inventory management
    • Online system maintenance
    • Reports handling
    • Invoice query
    • Executive management information creation
  • Claims Processing

    Claims Processing

    • Securities
    • Medical
    • Consumer
    • Insurance
  • Insurance Support Services

    Insurance Support Services

    • Catastrophe modeling (CAT)
    • Portfolio reconciliations and roll-ups
    • Capital modeling
    • Predictive modeling
    • Reserving
    • Pricing
    • GIS
service delivery automation 101 webinar screenshot

On-Demand Webinar

Service Delivery Automation 101

Automation is expected to generate corporate savings in excess of $5.0 trillion by 2025. Ready to be part of this transformative wave? Start with the right insights.

Intelligent Digital Solutions

Received 2018 SLASSCOM Innovation awards for “Best Client Delivery Innovation” and “Best Innovation in Internal Process” as well as the 2017 NASSCOM award for “Excellence in Customer Service – Process Efficiency.”

  • Service Delivery Automation (SDA) & Business Transformation

    Service Delivery Automation (SDA) & Business Transformation

    • Robotics process automation (RPA)
    • Automation candidate process identification
    • Automation enablement re-engineering
    • Bot development with standard off-the-shelf automation tools
    • Customized bot development
    • Automation management and maintenance
    • Regulatory compliance
  • Data Sciences & Storytelling

    Data Sciences & Storytelling

    • Data preparation. Using tools such as Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), R, Python, and others, RRD supports the cleaning and formatting of vast data sets to rapidly enable meaningful data analysis.
    • Data visualization. We are experts in crafting powerful and interactive visualizations and dashboards to help managers easily glean actionable insights hidden in large data sets.
    • Descriptive analytics. We support both the design and production stages of routine descriptive analytical reports, which are essential to informing managerial decisions for large-scale operations.
    • Predictive analytics. Our expert forecasters can create and continually enhance predictive algorithms in a wide range of analytical tools and data frameworks.
  • IT Services

    IT Services

    • Enterprise application development
    • Content management systems
    • Custom application development
    • Integrated workflow solutions development
    • Tier 2, 3 support and defect task force
    • Enhancements and modernization services
    • Web application enhancements and bug fixes
    • IT service management
    • 24/7 service desk support
    • L1, L2 Incident/Request/Event management services
    • Network and database administration, switching and routing
    • Mobility solutions
    • Standalone mobile app development on iOS, Android, Windows
    • Hybrid mobile app development
    • Extension of web application to mobile devices

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