RRD delivers reliable courier services through an unmatched nationwide network.

Our service partner relationships span across all modes of transportation, and provide you with the ability and flexibility to solve even the most challenging delivery requirements.


Streamline your delivery — locally, regionally and nationally. From our proprietary technology to a single point of contact, we tailor our courier services to help you benefit from the combined procurement leverage of RRD.

National Courier Management

On Demand

Scheduled Services

Fulfillment Services


Our proprietary, reliable and accurate tracking and reporting software technology boosts your efficiency and client satisfaction, streamlining your process to inform strategic decision-making.


A powerful, simple-to-use Windows-based software solution designed for the same-day, next-day, distribution, e-Commerce, and warehousing industries. This highly flexible delivery and final mile software is accessible from any browser, anywhere and at anytime.

  • Increased visibility of time sensitive information
  • Quality online shipping, tracking, and mapping
  • Reduced invoicing time
  • Customizable reports

Xcelerator Login

MobileTek CORE

Designed to work seamlessly with Xcelerator, it runs on all major mobile platforms including iPhone (iOS), Android, Windows Phone, and Windows Mobile. Key benefits include:

  • Barcode scanning
  • Picture attachment
  • Signature capture
  • GPS tracking


A user interface that mines information from our transportation management system (TMS) to make it easier to view performance data. Our TMS is integrated with vendors across the country that use a variety of different TMS systems.

  • Normalize data into a single platform
  • Get a bird’s eye view of your delivery network across the country
  • Dashboards showcase real-time statistics or drill down into historical data down to the package ID level
  • Review performance metrics at the vendor, hub, or driver/route level

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*Xcelerator and MobileTek are provided by Key Software Systems.

Expertise — In Every Industry

B2B or B2C, our expertise stands with any industry that requires secure, time-sensitive, and on-time delivery.

  • Pharmaceutical, BioMed & Healthcare

    Pharmaceutical, BioMed & Healthcare

    Our 25+ years of logistics experience with large-scale pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device manufacturers enables us to offer best in class delivery programs. We specialize in both ambient and cold chain transportation.

  • Retail & e-Commerce

    Retail & e-Commerce

    From fashion apparel to consumer brand manufacturers, our list of satisfied retail customers continues to grow as we continue to provide some of the most dynamic and scalable supply chain solutions available.

  • Financial/Banking


    Directing courier services in a risk-managed environment is one of our disciplines. Whether you represent 5 or 5,000 branch locations, we emphasize security and accountability at every level of our operation.

  • Office Supplies

    Office Supplies

    If you have your own fleet and are looking to augment your delivery model during peak season, RRD and our network of service partners provide the office products industry with scalable, long-term solutions that meet the needs of your customers and their time sensitive shipments.

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