Maintain consistent branding across all formats.

For many consumers, the first experience they have with your brand on their path to purchase is often design related. Look and feel is what they rely on to identify the right product and connect with a brand on the shelf.

With RRD GO Creative, generate production artwork that fulfills creative intent and drives brand connection on the shelf through:

  • Global creative design teams
  • Creative brief and color palette development across all substrates
  • Style guide development for seamless design and production for substrates
  • Art Adaptation

    Art Adaptation

    Our adaptation services generate production artwork that fulfills creative intent for all packaging types and print processes ready for delivery to the prepress and proofing workflow.

    • Ensuring the completeness and correctness of file content
    • Executing versioning and line extensions
    • Adhering to regulation
    • Adjusting artwork to printer capability and specification
  • Color Development

    Color Development

    Color is critical. Color communicates. With meticulous attention to realism, our teams continually push the boundaries of what’s possible.

    • Creating tailored and profiled separations for web, print and CGI
    • Expertise to create bump plates and separate to non-standard ink sets
    • Specialization in image separation
    • Color development for all ink sets (CMYK to ECG)
  • HD Flexo Plate Making

    HD Flexo Plate Making

    RRD Marketing Solutions was among the first fully integrated pre-press providers to offer Full HD Flexo plate making in the United States. We continue to be the leader in resolution and quality, offering improved flexo print results across the spectrum, from highlights to solids.

    Our combined HD and ECG services provide the highest possible Flexo printing quality and image reproduction in a predictable and repeatable production environment.

    • Advanced Microcell screening to improve ink transfer, density and uniformity
    • Myriad AM and FM screening options
    • Custom highlights for every condition and image
    • Testing for print optimization
  • 3D Renderings

    3D Renderings & Printed Prototype Samples

    For a design’s true representation, we create and animate 3D images and/or inkjet print pre-production samples, allowing you to envision product concepts within retail environments.

    • Development of 3D renderings across good, better, and best formats for all multimedia needs
    • In-house pre-production mock-up printing, cutting and sample designs

    Learn more about our 3D solutions

Expanded color gamut separation technology.

Industry leading, our customized Expanded Color Gamut (ECG) separation approach is color driven by the brand owner and engineered for performance in the pressroom. ECG enhances the CMYK ink set with additional colors creating a fixed ink set for the reproduction of all spot colors and expanding the color gamut of image reproduction for more vibrant and accurate color.

Our ECG separations provide:

  • Improved ability to print screens and detail in spot color elements, especially in flexo
  • Smoother, more natural integration of drop shadows into background colors
  • Faster make-readies through elimination of the need for ink change and wash up
  • Process sustainability through less ink consumption and less solvent and ink waste
  • Single standard ink set to enable a dependable production environment
  • Better matching PMS colors than with standard CMYK process
  • Eliminated color trap lines as foreground and background graphics run in common plates
  • Smoother vignettes and spot color gradients than printing with spot colors

Don't have access to an ECG ink set?

Make the most of process colors with our XCMYK separations, which take an existing 4-color ink set to the maximum reach of color gamut. Doing so brings more process match builds into gamut and edges 4-color image reproduction closer to the original RGB intent.

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Alex Vazquez, Director of Sales
Alex Vazquez
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Alex Vazquez, Director of Sales
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