Turn accessibility into a competitive advantage.

Persons with disabilities (PwDs) make up more than 20% of the world’s population and are emotionally connected to over 70% of consumers.* Yet a lack of compliance and low accessibility in matters of digital documentation continue to create significant hurdles for them.

Smart, end-to-end remediation for non-compliant PDF documents is the solution.

RRD RemediAd combines human resources with powerful AI technologies to help organizations comply with global standards like WCAG, ADA, and Section 508.

*Return On Disability, "2020 Annual Report"

Why digital compliance and accessibility matter

Making documents usable with accessibility readers ensures that an individual’s basic human need to receive information is protected, irrespective of who they are
and the nature of their disability.

The reality is most websites, documents, and mobile applications are not being designed for people with sight, cognitive, and other disorders who have difficulty accessing and consuming information.

To address this lack of attention, governments have made digital accessibility compliance mandatory in certain areas and a best practice in others.

71%Icon for RRD

of PwDs will abandon a website that is difficult to use

Source: Pew Internet Project

8.1 millionIcon for RRD

people (in the U.S. alone) may rely on a screen magnifier/screen reader
Source: Digital.gov

Closer look: RRD’s digital compliance and accessibility solution

RRD’s RemediAd exercises an effective combination of machine learning and human intelligence to create an exclusive “human expert-in-the-loop” model.

This model ensures attention is given to international best practices to produce compliant PDF documents and digital access — at scale.

RemediAd’s key features

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Fully customizable to any PDF remediation requirement (or level of complexity) for all industries

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WCAG compliant

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Simple three-step processing: upload documents, automated remediation, download, and manual checks

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Exclusive “human expert-in-the-loop” model

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AI-based computer vision algorithms classify and categorize documents, and prepare content for expert intermediation (where applicable)

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In-built validation reporting, HTML preview, anomaly detection checks, and routing workflows

RemediAd applications

Financial statements Catalogs Marketing and sales collaterals White papers Newsletters User guides Policy manuals

The RRD advantage

The call for greater accessibility by individuals all over the world is compelling organizations to step up their document remediation initiatives. RRD RemediAd can help.

Predominantly available through a cloud infrastructure A proprietary solution that can be installed on RRD’s in-house data center or in a cloud environment
Subcontractor management can cause security concerns when handling confidential documents Managed solution on RRD’s premise; alleviates security concerns when remediating confidential/L3 classified documents
PDF generators are inconsistent and require a longer TAT to create accessibility tagged documents Smartly combines human intelligence with AI to deliver superior quality of documents and consistently comply with WCAG standards
Dependent on regular document creation technology, difficult to scale Combines technology and professional human expertise to deliver the solution at scale
Expensive manual tagging options for supporting an automated tool Automated, nearly 40% - 50% more cost-efficient than manual tagging options
Low adherence to WCAG compliance guidance; increases legal risks *WCAG compliant to minimize legal risks
Challenged when handling heavy graphics and large volumes of content Can be used by every industry that employs graphic-heavy digital resources and generates high volumes of content
Improper tagging and low-quality output can lower brand value and affect the company’s image High-quality output, reinforces brand image and commitment to compliance, accessibility, and inclusivity

* Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

Who can use RemediAd?

Any industry generating PDF documents both for internal and public consumption, including:

  • Agencies and government contractors
  • Healthcare
  • Banking
  • Legal
  • Digital publications (e.g., e-commerce, e-books)
  • Technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Food and beverage
  • Automotive

Turn accessibility into a competitive advantage.

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