How can we efficiently acquire new, profitable customers?

Not too long ago, that may have seemed like the million-dollar question. It’s now one we’re answering every single day. From retaining your best customers to identifying those with the highest growth potential, our team supports all major analytic methodologies at the expert-level. We deliver insights, not data dumps.

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  • Customer Segmentation

    Customer Segmentation

    One-size-fits-all marketing has its limitations. Segmentation, on the other hand, allows marketers to differentiate and tailor their marketing efforts to specific audience subsets — endlessly. The result: getting the most value out of both high- and low-profit customers.

  • Predictive Analytics

    Predictive Analytics

    Make sense of all your unused data. Predictive analytics leverage current and historical data to exploit patterns — accurately — so marketers can execute powerful contact strategies that lower campaign costs and increase ROI.

  • Attribution & Real-Time Optimization

    Attribution & Real-Time Optimization

    RRD maintains a strategic alliance with Marketing Evolution, which was recognized by Forrester as an industry-leading provider of marketing measurement and optimization solutions. Through this alliance, we’re able to leverage Marketing Evolutions’ advanced decision-making platform to help clients optimize their marketing spend, media mix and message targeting—while campaigns are still active.

    Depending on the model — e.g., attribution, share-of-wallet, next-best-action, enhanced social engagement, etc. — real-time optimization enables brands to identify and directly engage with their best customers.

  • Modeling


    Our programs leverage a three-stage modeling approach — response, value, net lift — to paint a complete picture of expected results. By setting expectations prior to launch, campaign investments can be allocated to maximize return.

Through this agreement, RRD will pair our deep customer insights with Marketing Evolution's attribution and optimization capabilities, allowing marketers to move closer towards truly measurable engagement with individual customers.

— Doug Ryan, President,
RRD Marketing Solutions

Jason Conley

Ask An Expert

Jason Conley, Sr. Director Solutions Consulting
Jason Conley

Ask An Expert

Jason Conley, Sr. Director Solutions Consulting