With our business intelligence services, access real-time reporting dashboards to gain visibility and optimize strategy.

Our BI portal combines intuitive ad-hoc reporting with a library of industry-specific KPI information to create dashboards that measure and report on program success. With seven standard dashboards — all fully-customizable and built on Tableau— our portal transforms data into a visual representation of marketing performance.

viewing a data chart on a mobile device

Our standard dashboards enable fully informed business decisions.

By harnessing the power of visual processing, you can greatly assist leaders in comprehending and acting on complex data sets.

Marketing Contacts

The volume of historical contacts by channel and campaign over time. Campaign reporting details can be viewed interactively to help with budgeting and forecasting efforts.

Marketable Universe

Customer counts by channel and geography that are eligible to be contacted. Users are able to conduct scenario planning for audience selection to align with budget requirements.

Campaign Conversion

The incremental performance and ROI by campaign, to determine which campaign and test groups are driving incremental response, along with spend differences.

Email Performance

Metrics by campaign detail, audience or deployment date. This determines the email quality (open rate, click rate) and list quality (bounce rate, unsubscribe rate). Conversion rates can be added as a customization.

Customer Overview

Enables filtering of variables including customer count, sales and visits by dimensions such as segment and distance to location. This report also shows the mix of contacts compared to customers by segment to measure contact strategy performance.

Store Performance

Calculates aggregate and average for sales, visits or customer measures. Displayed on a map with store locations, users can select regions and specific stores. Stores are ranked by performance and displayed together within a region.

Key Performance

Displays key brand/category/product measures for multiple time periods, enabling year-over-year comparison and seasonal trending. Measures by region, time, product, and customer segment can be viewed interactively.

Jason Conley

Ask An Expert

Jason Conley, Sr. Director Solutions Consulting
Jason Conley

Ask An Expert

Jason Conley, Sr. Director Solutions Consulting