Activate AI-driven voice communication channels.

The growing popularity of voice-enabled devices offers brands the ability to create near human interactions by combining AI voice technology, user-spoken intents and client transactional document data.

These one-to-one engagements between consumers and brand content lead to more efficient two-way communications, reduced inquiries to customer support centers, and increases in e-Adoption rates.

Access to the answers they seek when, how & where they need them.

Our voice assistant delivery gives consumers access to their bills, statements, notices and other business communications using popular voice assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri.

Transform business communications into actionable conversations.

Combining verbal communications with existing communication methods increases your customers’ ability to understand and retain content. This aids in informed decision-making, which leads to action.

  • AI-driven, human-like interactivity.
  • Integration into existing communication channels.
  • e-Adoption rate increase through preferred digital channels.
  • User experience becomes a personalized engagement.
  • Reduce inquiries to customer support center.

Voice assistant delivery can help you achieve cost savings and process improvements for every aspect of your communication value chain by enhancing document design, delivering required notification, and obtaining opt-in responses.

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Activated content powers data-driven services.

Enable the application of complex business rules against changing or frequently updated content, creating personalized experiences based on location, offering or individual consumer details.

Voice AI Simplified

Our digital communications platform combines transaction level documents with emerging technologies to deliver content with the services, tools and applications that consumers actively use in their daily routine.



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