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RRD Asia Awarded ‘Top 100 Employer Excellence of China’ 2023

RRD Asia was named one of the "Top 100 Employer Excellence of China" in 2023. This is the fourth consecutive time the team has won the title. The award recognizes companies whose Human Resources practices made a significant contribution to their corporate development. In addition, RRD Asia was also awarded as a model employer for Human Resources Digitalization.

The 2023 awards were selected from a vast number of companies and are initiated annually by 51job, China’s leading human resource service provider.


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At RRD Asia, we’re building a winning culture through H.A.I (High Performance, Accountability, Innovation) core values. This culture is driving transformation and accelerating growth and profitability in all markets of the region. All RRD employees are committed to supporting our customers’ evolving needs, delivering industry-leading results, and shaping our future.

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Our Core Values:

High Performance
Demonstrates the best talents and ownership to go farther and faster, strives to continuously improve, and outperforms expectations.

Demonstrates a high level of dependability in all aspects of the job. Owns up to own words and actions. Can be relied on consistently.

Continually and efficiently develops and delivers breakthrough solutions by offering higher value to the company.

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Our Talent

Our employees are among the most sought-after top talent in the industry. They have extensive expertise and are resourceful in developing groundbreaking, cutting-edge solutions.

We offer customized employee incentives, including ECMAD (Everyone Can Make a Difference), which recognizes teams and individuals who successfully demonstrate values related to H.A.I.


The common denominator to our innovation? Extraordinary people. At RRD Asia, our talented professionals take on our clients’ challenges with bold thinking to achieve results. We are looking for passionate and talented experts to be a part of the future of RRD Asia.

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Talent Development

RRD Asia also offers customized career development opportunities. Employees can explore job possibilities with a competency development map, matching appropriate roles with targeted development programs. On-the-job training and professional coaching also prepare employees for broader responsibilities. Four targeted programs offer content to cultivate talent.

  • Leadership Competency Development

    Leadership Competency Development

    • Middle and senior-level leadership development program
    • Front-line manager development program
    • New manager development program
  • Commercial Expertise Development

    Commercial Expertise Development

    • Functional development model
    • Business skills enhancement programs
    • Online seminars on business skills enhancement
    • Case studies of real-life success stories
  • Operational and Technical Talent Development

    Operational and Technical Talent Development

    • R&D competency development
    • Engineering competency development
    • Supply chain capability development
    • Management development for operational front-line leaders
    • Professional development for front-line technical talents
  • Trainee Development

    Trainee Development

    • Leadership Acceleration Program for experienced MBA graduates from global business schools
    • Trainee program for fresh bachelor's/master's graduates
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Team Activities

Through rich and colorful team activities, we build an engaged organization with including and diversification. At RRD Asia, our most important employee activities include:

  • Annual Leadership Meeting – Bringing our leaders from different functions together to shape the future of RRD Asia.
  • Annual Company Dinner – One of the most popular annual employee events in China, which is normally held before Chinese New Year.
  • Charity Day – Providing employees with opportunities to volunteer for important social causes during typical work hours
  • Family Day – For employees and their families to participate and share our values.
  • Sports Day – Annual games supporting a healthy lifestyle for all employees.

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