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RRD opens a new commercial office in Costa Rica

September 30, 2021 | by Daniela Bichez | About RRD

Employees in front of the RRD building in Costa Rica wearing masks

We keep growing! Since the opening of our new headquarters in Costa Rica and the improvement of delivery times by increasing our label production capacity, RRD Central America seeks to continue innovating to provide you with the best products and services in the industry.

Incredibly, today's world is constantly changing and thanks to everything we have experienced in the last year and a half, these changes have been accelerating more and more. With all the transformations happening around us, it is very important for us, RRD Central America, to be part of all this evolution and provide our clients with the best possible results and experiences when working with our company.

We began our transformation with a focus on our clients to be the best printer in Central America, when on June 28, we opened our new home in Costa Rica, with the purpose of growing as a company in the country and obtaining a more central location to receive our local clients; Currently, you can find our headquarters in Costa Rica at La Uruca, 250 South and 50 West of the Juan Pablo II Rotunda, on a street parallel to the bridge, San José. The day of our inauguration we had the presence of our Regional Manager Tyrone Núñez and of course, all our Costa Rican collaborators, without whom our work and purpose as a corporation could not be achieved; We live a day full of positivism and joy at starting our work again and meeting all the expectations of our clients.

In addition, at a regional level we double our capacity in the production of labels in order to reduce delivery times for your products. The clarity and legibility at the time of printing and applying the labels perfectly matches the high quality that our customers deserve. Within the expansion of the production of this line, we are also proud to add a new product to our catalog, which seeks to satisfy another of the great needs of our public with shrink sleeves, which are capable of adapting to whatever the surface on which it is needed.

Similarly, the changes are also reflected in our line of digital solutions, where our technology services imported from our headquarters in the United States represent the first steps in the innovation that we take as a company in the Central American region. PIVOT our most successful acquisition offers four digital services:

  1. QuickLetter: Which issues personalized letters to your customers quickly and immediately.
  2. MessageDoc: Very similar to QuickLetter, our MessageDoc service allows you to generate any type of pdf document of any size or number of pages, with the best quality and speed such as: account statements, invoices, receipts, stubs, among others.
  3. E-delivery: System created so that our clients can send their clients documents (PDFs) or any personalized information massively and instantly via email, WhatsApp, SMS, etc.
  4. E-archive: This service offers cloud storage for the files generated with the other PIVOT modules, so that our clients can store various documents to share with their clients.

The growth, the improvement of our products and our spirit of service is unstoppable. For us, as RRD Central America, it will always be important to stay at the forefront of the industry, putting the success of our clients in communication with their clients throughout the region and the world at the center of our objectives.

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