We empower brands to activate marketing and communications resources for maximum returns.

RRD is a leading global provider of multichannel business communications services and marketing solutions with clients around the world.

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We serve large, fragmented markets experiencing tremendous changes in the ways in which organizations communicate with their target audiences through both print and digital channels.

Our Business Services offer customized solutions and enhance the impact and efficiency of key business communications.

With data-inspired insights, our Marketing Solutions optimize engagement across every brand touchpoint. We empower our clients to convert valuable prospects and customers into loyal partners and advocates.

RRD’s services and solutions seamlessly integrate with our clients’ existing processes to help strengthen connections with customers.

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In RRD’s rich 150-year history, we have worked hard to deliver outstanding value to our customers. We are proud of the service we launched here in Japan in 2015 and what we have grown it into today.

With over 10,000 employees in the Asia region, RRD’s focus here in Asia is to play an important role in supporting clients' corporate activities. In particular, our portfolio of multichannel communication solutions helps our customers to effectively build, operate, and manage marketing and business communications. This includes supply chain, business process outsourcing (BPO), logistics services, and more.

The RRD Asia Team continues to earn positive feedback and recognition from corporate customers all over the world. In addition, we are promoting change, accelerating growth, and increasing profitability by advocating high performance, accountability and innovation.

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Today, the environment surrounding us is more diverse than ever before. Various factors complicate today’s business environment: the impact of globalization, borderless manufacturing, fluctuations in demand, digital media opportunities, as well as adjustments to declining birth rates, aging populations, and shortened work weeks. As a result, the approaches and solutions that our customers need are becoming more complex.

RRD started as a printing company in Chicago in 1864. Since then, its services have been enhanced and expanded as the needs of our customers have grown. Currently, our multichannel communication strategy encompasses a broad set of capabilities to build optimal response solutions that matches our customers' needs with our experience and expertise.

We leverage our skill sets in all aspects of both digital- and design-related services. By utilizing our various BPO services including off-site, off-shore and on-site teams, our unique global production network can optimally deliver your projects from inception to completion.

We aim to provide you with the best service possible that fits with your business needs. Our mission is to address the diverse needs of a wide variety of our customers, from global brands to small domestic businesses. Whether your needs are a one-off project or a large-scale, long-term BPO project, we strive to provide your company with the best solution possible.

Eizo Ishikawa

Today, many companies in Japan have adopted outsourcing to optimize their operations, not only to reduce costs, but also to standardize operations and improve efficiency.

The types of outsourced indirect operations that companies adopt include the processing and production of office documents, standardization of brand images, Web design, creation of sales materials (DTP), data input, e-book conversion, in-house print output management, and so much more. Our client’s demand for these services continues to grow rapidly.

The motivation to increase the use of outsourcing services relates to "invisible costs,” such as the time required to manage non-core operations. These costs can be greatly improved by outsourcing to non-core operations professionals. By directly reviewing and analyzing costs associated with non-core activities, RRD can make these costs visible and provide the optimization needed to improve your company balance sheet.

At RRD, our strengths include valuable experience in finance, consulting, trading, and services, as well as:

  • Proven track record and extensive work experience
  • Global support system
  • Technical capabilities set linked with focused IT tools

Composed of experienced and motivated individuals, our team of professionals are the key to a successful outsourcing project.

The value that RRD brings is exceptional, and we provide the best service that combines people and technology to address the needs of our customers and their unique circumstances. When you choose RRD, we commit to providing you with high-value services that meet and exceed your expectations.

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