Every brand interaction presents an opportunity to deliver relevant, meaningful customer experiences.

Through RRD Puerto Rico’s comprehensive services, clients synchronize and strengthen each touchpoint along the customer journey to convert valuable prospects and customers into loyal partners and advocates.

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Commercial Print

RRD Puerto Rico transforms a vision into vivid, brilliantly executed publications. Our spectrum of integrated solutions leverage best-in-class technologies to print your products in any shape, size, or color, including:

  • Books
  • Magazines
  • Promotional calendars
  • Flyers
  • Hang tags
  • Agendas and notebooks

RRD’s unmatched geographic footprint, years of experience, and innovative capabilities give us the capacity to print any type of communication imaginable.

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Achieve new levels of efficiency. While many providers still approach labels as a commodity, RRD has a longstanding history of developing innovative solutions hyper-specific to emerging client needs in a variety of industries:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Beverage
  • Supermarket
  • Automotive
  • Textiles

Our technical expertise and broad capabilities cost-efficiently deliver high-quality, regulatory- compliant solutions for your label needs — regardless of scale or scope.

Extended product lines include prime labels, generic labels, and product labels.

Prime and packaging labels

Our prime and packaging labels provide brilliant colors and unique designs printed on paper or film. We use the most advanced technologies to ensure the highest print quality, precise registration, consistent color, and clear type for each label we print.

  • Pressure sensitive
  • Cut-and-stack
  • Instant redeemable coupons
  • Label embellishments
  • Extended content, multi-ply, booklet

RRD’s label lab experts can help identify the label materials that best match your marketing goals, application environment, and budget.

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Preparing payroll for employees and processing invoices for vendors are business-critical tasks fraught with complexities.

Luckily, they’re also just two of many functions RRD Puerto Rico seamlessly manages through its best-in-class forms platform.

As one of the largest producers of forms in the world, RRD combines the capabilities and expertise of 13 forms plants with value-added ordering and distribution services.

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RRD Puerto Rico’s complete logistics offering optimizes kitting and distribution workflows, reduces cycle times and transportation costs, and consistently manages an inventory across an expansive network.

  • Warehousing services

    Warehousing services

    • Capacity of more than 30,000 sq. ft. (with additional space available)
    • Dry stacking
    • Controlled environment
    • Inventory control (e.g., excess and obsolescence)
  • Distribution and rollout management

    Distribution and rollout management

    Clients trust RRD to increase delivery compliance and control costs. We achieve this through smaller combined deliveries distributed via a larger network.

    • Full carton
    • Full or partial pallets
    • Daily delivery island
    • Next day and AM delivery
    • Wait and pick up
    • COD
    • Available to Vieques, Culebra, USVI, BVI
  • Kitting and fulfillment

    Kitting and fulfillment

    Combining off-the-shelf materials with print-on-demand communications, and real-time access via web or mobile, we enable quick response to changing market conditions.

    • Kitting and bundling
    • Postal optimization
    • Warehousing and inventory management

    Our teams bring care and attention to every project. We'll help optimize the entire process so you can focus on what’s most important: connecting with your customers.

Technical Services

To effectively transform your business forms, each one of the RRD Puerto Rico facilities contain a support group of technical consultants specialized in the following areas:

  • Computers and related hardware
  • Print management systems (check solutions)
  • Label printer and barcode readers
  • ID and credit card printers and software
  • Wristband systems for medical and event registrations
  • Information display (hardware and software)
  • Data destruction
  • Mailroom and shipping
  • Power backup (for any edge environment)
  • Toner and associated printing supplies
  • Money counter and office imprinters
  • Forms handling equipment

Office Products

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Generic labels

Stack of Bond Paper

Bond paper – reams

A roll of POS Rolls

POS rolls – chemical or thermal

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