Learn how to maintain compliance, gain efficiency and get the member level reporting you require

Join our Healthcare Solutions team to learn what steps other leading-edge health plans are taking to prevent compliance and inefficiency issues around their critical member communications — e.g., Denial, Appeal, and Grievance letters.

During the recording, you’ll learn:

  • How the latest technology can help you overcome common communication challenges
  • New approaches to template management that have been successful for other health plans
  • How to gain visibility to vital member level reporting with same-day production
  • Ways RRD has helped clients drive efficiency, compliance, and member satisfaction

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Nicole Williams

Nicole Williams, VP of Sales and Business Development, RRD Healthcare Solutions

Nicole works with health plan clients every day to communicate more efficiently, more effectively and remain compliant. With over 25 years in the communication industry, she brings extensive knowledge around workflow automation, document and campaign design. For the past five years, Nicole’s sole focus has been the health plan space, giving her unique insight across all lines of business and an understanding of the regulatory environment in which her clients operate. From member acquisition and on-boarding to engagement and retention programs, Nicole is a valuable sounding board for best practices, trends, and ways to optimize communication programs.

Steve Keca

Steve Keca, Director of Solution Development,
RRD Healthcare Solutions

With 30+ years in the communications industry, Steve is able to effectively analyze industry trends and client needs to develop communication solutions for the health plan space. Steve leverages his extensive background in healthcare, data management, multichannel delivery, and the communication lifecycle to develop solutions to help health plan clients maximize the effectiveness and organizational value of their member communication.

Webinar Details:

Name: Health Plan Critical Letters - How to Efficiently Execute and Remain Compliant
When: December 2019
Length: 58 minutes

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