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Discover the personal and brand benefits enjoyed by RRD Champions.

Publicity. Could my company benefit from publicity for its innovative products, green initiatives, competitive differentiation, and excellent customer service?

Promotion. Could my company benefit from additional thought leadership that promotes our brand?

Future State. Would I like to collaborate with subject matter experts on innovative ways to grow my business?

Development. Would I like to give recommendations to RRD about better meeting my needs?

Networking. Would I like introductions to experts in customer experience, marketing, operations, procurement, or engineering solutions?

RRD Champion Success Story

Merrick Books Brings Authors’ Visions to Life With Deluxe, Limited-Edition Books

RRD’s premium print and fulfillment support helps leading publisher increase book sales and save 40% on shipping costs.

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RRD Champion Success Story

From fulfillment to fulfilled: Sources of Strength and RRD

Sources of Strength and RRD partnered to optimize the printing, fulfillment, and shipping of critical educational resources to support Sources of Strength's important suicide prevention programming. Ensuring the educational materials reach schools faster, the partnership prioritizes operational efficiency, expanding Sources of Strength's vast impact.


Sources of Strength Optimizes Student Leader Education
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Featured success stories

Explore how our clients are amplifying their voices, elevating their impact, and achieving excellence with the help of RRD’s innovative solutions.


RRD Client Advocacy recognizes and supports our loyal and outstanding clients.

Beth Holmes

Beth Holmes
Vice President, Client Advocacy

Client Advocate Leader amplifying our clients’ brands through their relationships with RRD, enabling clients to influence and shape RRD’s existing and future products and services.

Matina Montes

Matina Montes
Manager, Client Advocacy MBA, MACM

Client Advocate Strategist helping individuals and corporations amplify their success and achieve their goals — everyone's voice is worthy of being heard, engaged, and satisfied.

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