The challenge to maintain costs and ensure long-term growth isn’t going away.

Through our experienced communications spend consultants, RRD helps organizations enhance the relevance, impact and effectiveness of every communication while increasing the efficiency and cost effectiveness of their communications ecosystem.

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The RRD Communications Management Model

In organizations with disparate functions and resources, managing a multitude of vendors and workflows, focused on meeting their own respective requirements without direct visibility into other areas — it’s not unusual to find redundancy.

By combining technology, service resources and production expertise, RRD has developed a unique, holistic solution that helps solve these common organizational challenges.

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The Optichannel Opportunity Report

New RRD research indicates that amid concerns of an economic downturn or recession, organizations see a strategic opportunity to gain market share through increased marketing spend.


Keys to the RRD Model

  • Impactful Expertise

    Impactful Expertise

    A dedicated account management team with extensive print procurement and production experience — complemented by experts specializing in key areas across the communications supply chain — provides a single point of accountability.

    In addition to managing all print production transactions for your organization and any third-party suppliers, our team helps amplify brand equity by ensuring consistency and adherence to standards across all communications.

  • Optimized Communications Supply Chain

    Optimized Communications Supply Chain

    As much as 85% of a communications supply chain can be tied up in managing creative design, procurement, supplier management, warehousing and delivery. Through our unique combination of people, processes and technologies, we help you automate workflows, centralize program data, and optimize jobs for production efficiency. We deploy proven models to help capture program savings, while supporting open-market bidding, maintaining supplier profiles, and leveraging analytic insights that help identify the right investments to help you achieve your goals.

    We help you answer the important questions:

    • Where are my biggest cost-saving opportunities?
    • Which locations are participating in the program?
    • What opportunities for cost savings were not adopted by my stakeholders?
    • What items are best suited for conversion to print on-demand?
    • What materials should be standardized across my print universe?
    • Which items should I order at the same time to reduce production costs?
    • Who are my highest performing suppliers?
    • What items require regulatory or compliance approval?
  • Your Portal to More Efficient Communications Management

    Your Portal to More Efficient Communications Management

    In today’s fast-paced, multichannel world, connecting with customers in a personal and relevant way — at scale and on brand — can be a daunting challenge, even for the most sophisticated and complex organizations.

    That’s where RRD’s fully-integrated, end-to-end communications management portal can help. The intuitive, easy-to-use platform streamlines procurement, creative and marketing activities across the enterprise through an array of features designed to help enhance brand continuity, personalization and speed-to-market while lowering total cost of ownership.

    Ordering, Tracking & Reporting
    Intuitive, user-friendly functionality, enabling faster workflow progressions.

    Customized Print On Demand
    Improve ROI with personalized one-to-one messages and images.

    Online Proofing & Design Collaboration
    Integrated project management and collaborative, online proofing to accelerate approvals and track multiple versions, as well as project status.

    Content Repository
    Comprehensive Digital Asset Management functionality with extensive versioning, automation and tagging to ensure consistency and efficiency.

    Kitting & Fulfillment
    Manage, control, and track print orders fulfilled from inventory or printed on demand.

    Real-Time Inventory
    Precisely accurate database of item availability across multiple distributor locations, empowering effective inventory management, improved cost control and lower risk of stock-outs.

    In today’s rapidly evolving communications marketplace, transformation is critical. But it doesn’t need to be overly complex. Our portal is an easy-to-implement solution custom-built to bring simplicity to your communications supply chain, helping you elevate performance and lower costs.

    We call it an end-to-end technology platform. You can call it the answer to your communications challenges.

  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

    Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

    Your business is unique, so why settle for a one-size-fits-all solution? Our team of experienced print and supply chain experts employ a detailed, comprehensive assessment to identify opportunities for powerful cost savings and efficiencies.

    As new stakeholders or divisions are identified, our teams mobilize to capture service level requirements, item specifications, map workflows, and understand stakeholder needs. This unique consultative view to process management delivers:

    Increased Productivity
    • Cloud-based ordering
    • Process re-engineering
    • Production optimization
    • Best practice sharing

    Reduced Costs
    • Leverage scale
    • Vendor consolidation
    • Conversion to digital
    • Improve visibility-to-spend
    Increased ROI
    • No capital investment
    • Reduced time to market
    • More effective communications
    • Personalized messaging

    Program Optimization
    • Improved brand control
    • Centralized content
    • Material standardization
    • Improved compliance
    • Eliminate redundancy

Simplify your entire communications production process

CustomPoint® is RRD’s web-to-print solution that not only simplifies asset management, it can help elevate brand integrity to new levels through a single interface.

Get Connected.

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