It’s not unusual to find redundancy — if you know where to look.

Disparate functions, multiple vendors, complicated workflows, limited transparency — the challenges that stifle your business can hide valuable opportunities.

RRD’s spend consultants combine decades of experience, best-in-class tech, and production expertise to help you achieve exactly what you’ve been searching for: unprecedented levels of efficiency and effectiveness.

Our customized spend evaluations measure and optimize communications management practices for enterprise organizations. We help companies:

  • Reduce total cost of ownership
  • Streamline and optimize workflows
  • Integrate technologies to drive automation
  • Enhance purchasing efficiency

Where traditional vendor selection processes can be time-consuming, resource-heavy, and cost-prohibitive, our assessment minimizes these variables while unearthing ways to improve organizational performance over the long term.

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How RRD’s risk-free assessment compares to a traditional RFP

  • Cost savings

    Cost savings

    Our consultative assessment process allows RRD Spend Consultants to gain a deeper and broader understanding of your cost structure, resulting in greater quantifiable cost savings.

    At the heart of the RRD assessment process is our total cost of ownership philosophy, based on studies that have shown for every $1 spent on the actual unit cost of a printed piece, $6 is spent on managing that item.

    When organizations choose a simple bid process or an RFP, most often only the unit cost is considered.

    An assessment allows RRD to identify and provide maximum cost savings across a program's total costs. We impact areas like freight, postage, obsolescence, staffing, warehousing, creative, technology, etc.

  • Expedited process

    Expedited process

    The creation, distribution, and selection of a vendor during an RFP process can take upwards of 90 to 180 days. After selection, the winning supplier must then perform diligence to truly understand requirements before implementing a solution — this could add another 90 days.

    When opting to engage in an assessment process, RRD’s Spend Consultants return verifiable savings recommendations and a plan to execute them from a supplier that thoroughly understands your requirements. Our typical assessment process takes 30 to 90 days.

  • Identification of best practices

    Identification of best practices

    The RRD assessment process creates an opportunity to capture the best practices across your organization and marry them with outside industry expertise. The best practices emerge as a result of our consultative interview process with key stakeholders within your organization.

    Additionally, we define current workflows and supporting technologies then recommend process improvements to elevate your return on investment.

  • New concepts and innovative ideas

    New concepts and innovative ideas

    The enhanced understanding that a thorough analysis can provide will generate recommendations on design, materials and usage patterns that optimize operational and production efficiencies that drive even further cost savings.

    Such recommendations are difficult to identify during an RFP process.

    Our decades of experience in performing these assessments has proven that a collaborative approach between two organizations combined with a consultative framework can yield significantly more value than an RFP around item specifications.


RRD’s spend consulting decision tool

Gauge how effectively your communications environment is being managed. Let RRD’s spend consulting decision tool determine if you're better suited for an RFP or an assessment.



Direct vs. Indirect Spend

What types of expenses are you looking to reduce?

Thinking about your business, please indicate how strongly you agree with the following statements.

  • 1 = Strongly disagree
  • 2 = Disagree
  • 3 = Neither agree nor disagree
  • 4 = Agree
  • 5 = Strongly agree

1. Supplier Selections

Supplier selection decisions are decentralized within each business unit.

2. Spend Visibility

We lack visibility to total spend through a centralized reporting process.

3. Too Many Suppliers

We have too many suppliers across our organization supporting the same categories.

4. Speed to Market

Improving speed to market is important for our organization.

5. Cost Control and Savings

Maximizing cost control and savings is a top priority.

6. Program Costs

We seek to lower total program costs, not only product unit price.

7. SKU Management

The number of SKUs we manage across the enterprise is challenging.

8. Manual Processes

We depend on spreadsheets and manual processes to manage our programs and projects

9. Brand Management

We need to improve control over our brand, assets, and enabling technologies.

10. Return on Investment (ROI)

We have difficulty measuring ROI for marketing programs.

11. Technology Roadmap

We need a roadmap to technology automation for digital and print efficiencies

What day is today?*

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What types of expenses are you looking to reduce:

Spend Consulting Scores


Our results-based methodology, explained

Flexible and proven, RRD’s approach to smarter spending consists of three primary components:

Current state appraisal

Reviewing documents and data to understand how you manage your communications today, including process maps, samples, purchasing histories and technology specifications.

Gap analysis

Comparing your communications management processes to best-in-class standards and objectively identifying strengths and weaknesses based on your needs.

Change management roadmap

Proposing comprehensive feedback, recommendations and solutions to improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your communications

Staying relevant starts with staying informed.

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It's time to place your communications supply chain under a microscope.

What will you find? Consider our white paper your first step toward significant cost savings.

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Simplify your entire communications production process

ConnectOne Storefront℠ is RRD’s web-to-print solution that not only simplifies asset management, it can help elevate brand integrity to new levels through a single interface.

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The Optichannel Opportunity Report

New RRD research indicates that amid concerns of an economic downturn or recession, organizations see a strategic opportunity to gain market share through increased marketing spend.



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