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Passion for performance.
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The pressure to deliver and prove marketing ROI is only growing.

RRD’s Direct Marketing Group — DMG for short — has exactly what you need: the means to achieve repeatable, next-level engagement across your audience’s most preferred channels.

Need to deliver ROI?
DMG has your solution for that.

Don’t let a lack of expertise or shrinking budget keep you from driving KPIs that get noticed.

With DMG, everything you need to make direct marketing smarter — not harder — is right here.

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Direct mail is a fundamental piece of my touchpoint strategy.

Help me drive better performance than I ever have.

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I’m new to the direct mail channel.

Help me integrate mail effectively with my digital channels to maximize engagement.

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Your target audiences are unique.

We feel the same way about our direct marketing methodology.

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1. Identify


Identify, understand and prioritize the right audience.

  • List sourcing and data enrichment
  • Profiling, segmentation, and modeling
  • Reporting and data visualization

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2. Create


Apply insights to messaging and design that informs, resonates, and drives performance.

  • Concept, copy, and design
  • Testing methodologies
  • Dynamic personalization
  • Response-driving tactics

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3. Deploy


Connect with your audience via scheduled, automated, triggered, or complete journeys.

  • Direct mail platform
  • Postal optimization
  • Marketing automation
  • Email services

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RRD commits to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 25% over the next 10 years.

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