Identify, understand, and prioritize your audience — smarter.

Precise audience identification can make or break your direct marketing efforts.

RRD's Direct Marketing Group offers industry-leading expertise and unparalleled solutions to help you deliver your messaging to the right audience, every time.

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Optimize audience selection

RRD’s list sourcing and data enrichment solutions narrow down your audience to individuals most likely to engage and convert.

  1. List selection. In-house experts and alliances with major list sourcing organizations help you identify and refine your audience.
  2. List hygiene. Internal resources and advanced toolsets ensure your data is both accurate and USPS-compliant.
  3. Data enrichment. Sophisticated strategies and highly secure data processes improve the targeting — and value — of your audience.

Communicate with relevance

Comprehensive profiling, segmentation, and modeling services improve campaign performance and help you understand your audience — and predict how they’ll behave in the future.

  • Profiling. Behavioral and third-party data uncover key audience characteristics and create detailed personas.
  • Segmentation. Align profiles with segment-specific or individualized messaging and offers.
  • Modeling. Apply predictive techniques to enhance precise market segmentation.

Transform analytics into real-time, actionable insights

Customized reporting and data visualization dashboards show you what’s working and what’s not, so you can prove — and improve — performance.

Experience immediate campaign attribution

Access comprehensive reporting across all campaign channels

View responses down to the individual campaign target level

Data-led solutions to help you hit the mark.

It takes an expert to identify — and effectively reach — the right audience.

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