Good design is more than just aesthetics — it’s enhancing the interactive experience.

This library highlights RRD’s unmatched variety of format options. All options provide unparalleled speed-to-market, production efficiency, and highly personalized communications — everything you need to elevate response.

Dedicated specialists committed to your success

Our team of dedicated format engineers and designers work with unlimited format options — both traditional and dimensional — to develop designs that get noticed in the mailbox.

Choose from our extensive template library of over 100 format options. Or, work with our direct mail experts to produce a format tailored specifically to your needs.

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A library of formats tailored for your business

Designed to drive engagement and improve response, RRD’s direct mail options resonate with your customers.

Origami direct mail solutions

MarketReady® Formats

The industry's leading suite of direct mail solutions, designed to increase engagement and response — and ROI.

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Power Plays

Designed for success, our Power Play solutions combine cost-effective formats and winning techniques to drive profitability and optimize ROI across a variety of verticals.

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Format design — evaluated

Designing for personalized variable print offers endless possibilities. Our team narrows the focus by developing content and imagery that effectively speak to each customer.

Direct mail format concepts are evaluated across 12 key dimensions:

Strategy Marketing objective Targeting strategy Role in omnichannel contact
Performance Testing methodology Current response/conversion Target response/conversion
Cost-effectiveness Quantity and frequency Variable printing cost Production and finishing cost
Mailability Specifications and machinability Postage classification and cost Postal regulation compliance
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White Paper

A New Way to Test Direct Mail at a Fraction of the Cost and Time

If you came across a direct mail solution that could generate the same results in about a third of the time and cost, wouldn't you consider it?

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Messaging and creative design that resonates.

It takes an expert to create campaigns that speak to your audience on an individual level. Connect with one today.

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