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Quickly scale through rapid conversion of standard inventory into localized finished goods.

RRD enables efficient production of highly complex product variations. By understanding the scope of differentiating elements (e.g., geographies, languages, software, firmware, hardware), our product configuration strategies minimize the risk of forecast inaccuracies and maximize speed-to-market.

Opportunities for efficiency

RRD assembles and configures products, devices and kits for a multitude of specialized industries. Driven by continuous improvement and cost reduction programs, our execution improves response to real-time demand, shortens product launches and allows for increased complexity and customization.

Product assembly and testing
Combine quality control with optimal production workflows to improve speed to market

Finished goods kitting and labeling
Operational flexibility to determine when and what to kit, with regional configuration

Postponed customization
Strategically determine deferral, market flooding for demand and allocations

Quality & Regulatory Compliance

RRD’s global supply chain facilities are FDA-registered (class I-III), cGMP/QSR-compliant, and ISO13485-accredited. Our ISO 14644-1 Class 8 clean rooms in North America and Europe – along with temperature controlled facilities provide:

  • IT security across the entire supply chain
  • Full product tracking and traceability
  • Electronic device history recordkeeping (eDHR)
  • Pharmaceutical licensing
  • Lot number, serialization, expiry date capture, tracking and management

Overcome your challenges

Although disruptions in the global supply chain continue, these issues can be minimized by working with a supply chain partner who can leverage a large network for proven workflows and favorable material substitutions. Our large-scale execution enables:

  • Regulatory compliance for country-specific laws and language considerations for all kit components
  • Complex variations in products and packaging for specialized applications, geographies, and requirements, e.g., governments, retail pharmacies, or end-users
  • Centralized vendor management for kit components while maintaining quality, continuity of supply and cost control
  • Avoidance of expensive and inflexible finished goods inventories, low-density shipment charges, and storage costs
  • Scalability for kitting and distribution as new products become available for launch
  • Innovative and cost-effective packaging that drives a positive customer experience, competitive differentiation, and effective protection for kit components
  • End-to-end visibility into product configurations, quality control, and branding
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Case Study

Simplify support for the entire product lifecycle.

Multiple global suppliers, inbound customs processing, regulatory requirements, B2C fulfillment — supply chains are magnets for complexity at every stage of the product lifecycle.

For one client in the fast-growing digital health space, gaining control and maximum visibility required end-to-end supply chain management. However, this wasn’t one of their business’ core competencies. So they turned to RRD Supply Chain Solutions.


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