Pick, pack, ship, track — on time and on brand.

Combining off-the-shelf materials with print-on-demand communications, our model enables a quick response to market conditions.

Whether it's a simple, hand-assembled match mailing or high-end packages with personalized components, our experienced kitting and fulfillment teams bring care and attention to every project.


Your optimal network for kitting and fulfillment

Our global footprint, ability to manage high program volumes, and automated routing and sorting capabilities drive highly efficient kitting, fulfillment and distribution workflows. Strategically located facilities helps build a sustainable supply chain that balances a variety of economic and service level parameters:

Infrastructure costs

Local labor pool

Labor cost

In/Outbound transit times

Speed of deployment

Inventory distribution


Whether your project features simple hand-assembled match mailing or complex product variability, our kitting and bundling teams put their experience and commitment to perfection into everything they do.

  • Assemble kits for immediate distribution or into inventory for future distribution
  • Fulfill one-to-one components requiring unique personalization
  • Quickly pivot to determine when and what to kit, with regional configuration
  • Leverage digital libraries for images and copy with customized e-fulfillment

RRD helps Siemens Healthineers accelerate test kit delivery

Our ISO 13485 accredited facilities scaled to meet the time-sensitive challenge of rapid COVID-19 antigen self-tests during a period of dire need.

Read the press release

Fulfillment & Distribution

We support fulfillment to distribution centers (DCs), channel partners, healthcare facilities, universities, retail stores, end-users, and more. Our strong relationship with the USPS®, along with global, national and local carriers, translates to rapid turnaround times.

In addition to electronic documents and transport records with tracking visibility, we provide:

  • EDI and web-based order systems
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) integration
  • Management of multi-mode inbound and outbound logistics
  • Advanced network of FTL and LTL carriers
  • Expertise in international air and ocean
  • Customs processing
  • Reverse logistics, including product recalls and inventory balancing
mailboxes for mail distribution

Freight Calculation

Take the uncertainty out of freight estimations while maintaining delivery accuracy. Use RRD's proprietary technology to help you determine the most efficient and cost-effective method of shipping depending on your needs. Based on a comprehensive range of data, our warehouse management system can support routing based on origin, destination, and weight.

  • Fully trackable with real-time reports from our ConnectOne Storefront℠ platform
  • Daily reports delivered electronically
  • Seamless verification with UPS® and FedEx® tracking

Postal Optimization

Maximize print and mail distribution savings and rely on consistent and trackable service. RRD's postal experts leverage extensive knowledge of USPS® rules and regulations, along with international postal documentation services and classification requirements, to provide a consistent and accurate delivery process.

  • Standardize and validate customer data for effective mailing lists
  • Reduce postage costs through volume leveraged consolidation
  • Track mail to verify in-home dates and synchronize campaigns
  • Manage weekly, monthly or annual publication deliveries
mailboxes for mail distribution

Case Study

Leading Game Publisher Scores a Victory in Shifting Production to RRD Asia

RRD Asia's production expertise allowed the publisher to seamlessly integrate specialty finishes and experience substantial cost savings.


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