RRD uses CCC Verify as an automated service to provide proof of RRD employment or income for loan applications, housing or automobile leases, job applications, etc. This automated service provides the ability to quickly provide proof of your employment or income.

CCC Verify can be used anytime, anywhere — available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Active and former employees must use CCC Verify whenever they need to have their employment or income verified for loan applications, housing or automobile leases, job applications, etc. The verifier (lender, landlord, or potential employer) will not receive employment or income verification from human resources or payroll.

How to use CCC Verify

  • Current and former employee instructions

    Current and former employee instructions to set-up account

    • Go to https://www.cccverify.com
    • Click Get Started under the employee section
    • Enter your PIN (Last 4 digits of your SSN)
    • Enter your basic information and email address
  • Verifier instructions

    Verifier instructions to request income and/or employment information

    The report will be displayed instantly. Verifier will be able to download a copy of the report.

Verifier Authentication Authorization Process

First time verifiers will need to set up an account as a verifier providing the required information when prompted. It only takes a few seconds to set up an account.

Authorize account

The CCC Verify system is designed to send an authorization email to the address used by a verifier (commercial, government or employee). The email contains a link, which the user will then click, in order to set their account to authorized status. No account can be accessed by a user until the authorization step is complete. Therefore, the email address used by the verifier must be legitimate in order to move to the next step.

Authenticate account

Only commercial verifier accounts need to be authenticated. (Government accounts are automatically authenticated by the system if the email address on the account has a “.gov” or “.us” extension.) If not, the system considers the account a commercial verifier and is authenticated as follows.

When a commercial verifier account is set up, our Customer Service Team receives a duplicate of the authorization email sent to the user. The manager reviews the details of this account as entered by the user.

The fields reviewed are:

  • Email address, client name and website name are verified as a match
  • Website is visited to verify it is accessible and legitimate
  • Employee authorization to access income records is verified
  • All results are noted in the “Authentication Notes” section for future reference

If all aspects of the verifier’s account pass review, the verifier is authenticated and they are allowed to proceed with the verification.

If these steps fail, a Dun & Bradstreet report will be required and/or a telephone interview will be conducted with the prospective verifier. If all aspects of the verifier’s account do not pass our review steps, the account is not authenticated.

Need assistance?

  • Go to https://www.cccverify.com and click Contact Us
  • Call the Employee Help Line toll free: 1.855.901.3099 Monday - Friday 8AM - 8PM ET

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