Engineering, production, and distribution services that make the in-store experience unforgettable — and possible.

Interior to exterior. Floor to ceiling. Fixture to fleet. Our signage and display capabilities enrich the buying experience. Through seamlessly managed production and an unmatched geographic footprint, RRD enables brands to deliver engaging, relevant in-store experiences with heightened speed to market and lower costs.

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Collaborative Innovation

You need visual merchandising materials that are optimized for the real world. Our retail design team works collaboratively to move beyond traditional stock displays to engaging, memorable on-site experiences.

We ideate, sketch, render and prototype merchandising concepts that explore a variety of substrates, hardware, structural designs and manufacturing techniques. And we do this with one goal in mind: increase engagement at point-of-sale.

  • Graphics/Merchandising
  • POP display
  • Perm/Semi-perm display
  • Digital signage
  • In-store mobile and beacon
  • Outdoor vinyl
  • Customizable display products
  • Grand format (buildings, exhibits)

Full-Service Reliability

From seasonal promotions to weekly sign swaps, new product launches and out-of-home (OOH) signage, we flawlessly manage the production of in-store materials for regional and national distribution.

Our production facilities include pre-press, variable printing, consolidation, kitting and shipping all under one roof, ensuring the highest level of productivity. Our capabilities extend to highly variable, location-relevant items and on-demand replenishment:

  • Small format digital print-on-demand (Indigo)
  • Finishing (die-cutting, flat cutters, roll cutters, drills, punches, laminators)
  • 81”, 73”, and 64” sheet-fed offset
  • Flexible substrates: fabric, mesh, paper, vinyl
  • Rigid Substrates: foam core, duraBoard, corrugated, plexiglas, synthetics/plastics
  • Superwide/Grand format digital sheet-fed (>96”)
  • Superwide/Grand digital roll-to-roll
  • Dye-sublimation (fabric printing)
  • 40” sheet-fed offset
print-on-demand printing

Unmatched Geographic Footprint, Seamlessly Managed Production

Our nationwide facility network — all facilities are ISO 9000/9001 certified — enables near-store production, to improve lead-time and lower shipping costs for regional projects. This is what distributed print looks like.

The advantages of our full-service reliability, however, don’t end there.

Inventory Strategy

As a central merchandising resource, we warehouse and distribute materials provided by multiple client vendors. We manage over 125,000 SKUs annually in over 3 million square feet of warehouse space and real-time inventory. Our customized distribution and inventory strategies go beyond print to optimize spend.

Store Profiling Technology

From multiple datasets and retail site assessments, we combine all location-specific information to facilitate optimal program rollouts. This highly custom approach helps guide merchandising and procurement to improve order accuracy, drive in-store relevancy and build location-based campaign audiences.

In-Store Workflow Portal

Our fully customized, web-based platform helps plan and manage in-store campaigns from a single dashboard, ideal for:

  • Centralized rollouts. Manage campaigns from a singular, streamlined source of store information and gain visibility to incoming orders.
  • Campaign scenarios. Model different configurations at the store level to accurately estimate cost and required resources.
  • Procurement. Consolidate the sourcing process, manage the procurement of store kit components and limit ordering errors with store profiles that confirm viability.
  • 24/7 online ordering. Restock campaign elements based on specific store attributes, view real-time inventory, order status and usage history.
  • Available merchandising items. Leverage a web-based catalog of all elements that support in-store marketing, including item history, imagery, substrate and cost.
  • Integrated tracking and reporting. Gain insight into merchandising spend with comprehensive performance analysis, understand true landed cost and ROI.
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Trusted Accountability

Thoughtful kit packaging and store-specific configurations to reduce waste and installation time.

kitting services

Kitting Services

Our flexible kitting services can combine variable print with pre-printed components in a variety of custom configurations. Each year, we package 30 million kits made up of over 200 million different components.

Intelligent pick tickets are sequenced for efficiency, built on conveyor-driven kit assembly lines and packaged to minimize bulk, reduce freight pricing, and protect items in transit.

on-site support team

Support Teams

Our on- and near-site support teams maintain end-to-end ownership and accountability for satisfaction in the field. Specialists have extensive visual merchandising experience and are available to address client needs during assembly and installation.

Field service capabilities:

  • Playbook setup, installation and store set verification
  • Item population for promotions with complex logic builds
  • Delivery (in-store, distribution center, consolidator or destination)
  • Project management for incoming programs and promotions
  • Consultation on complex promotion builds
  • Plans for execution and communication with partner teams
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Crisis Management & Reemergence Signage

In-aisle, outdoors, short runs, variable content and customizable dimensions — RRD's crisis and reemergence signage will help create a safe, healthy, and seamless CX.

Large-scale production with rapid speed-to-market delivers...

Prompt reaction to market conditions. Centralized and simplified workflows. Interactive and disruptive visual merchandising. Coordinated multichannel marketing campaigns. Translated concepts into well-engineered displays.

In-Store Insights

Gain a clear, data-validated understanding of your physical store performance to make faster, more confident decisions that drive more sales.

Drive Insights

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Retail Advertising

We help retail brands of all sizes develop and execute print circular programs with maximum ROI.

  • Production


    Our best-in-class retail technology enables flexible product options and high-quality output. Redundant press sizes and processes across facilities enable the most efficient formats and scheduling. And precise versioning support ensures the right content reaches the right customers at the right time.

  • Distribution


    We deploy a continuous media planning and buying loop, informed by in-market performance data to simplify complex distribution ecosystems. Sophisticated analytic tools drive effective outcomes—from automated forecasting and competitive reporting to rate negotiation and bill reconciliation. And proven attribution models provide clear visibility of what’s working and what isn’t to empower ongoing improvement.

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Seamlessly transform catalogs, circulars, and flyers into interactive shopping experiences across web, mobile, and email channels.

Enhance interactivity

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Todd Arnett, Sales Director, Retail Solutions
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