Greater sustainability. Minimized costs. Higher productivity. Improved workplace safety.

In a market where businesses find themselves getting pinched by material availability, going linerless has presented itself as a more viable, greener, market-ready option.

Ready to make the advantages of linerless labels work for you? So are we.

Linerless Labels 101

  • The look of linerless

    The look of linerless

    Traditional Label
    with Liner



    Silicone coating on face
    Adhesive on label back
    Release liner
    No Liner
  • Benefits of going liner-free

    Benefits of going liner-free

    Cost efficiencies
    • Reduced inventory costs
    • Lower shipping costs
    • Eliminate liner disposal costs
    Eco-friendlier alternative
    • No liner in landfill
    • Fewer cores needed
    • Fewer cartons required
    • Fewer pallets shipped
    Productivity improvements
    • More labels per roll — up to 60% more
    • Variable length labels
    Employee safety
    • Eliminate slippery liner accumulation on the floor
    Improved usage
    • Added durability through moisture resistance
    • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Common applications

    Common applications

    • License plate labels
    • Pick/move labels
    • Asset tracking
    • Compliance labeling
    • Shipping and receiving
    • Rack labels
    • Product ID
    • Lab labels for tracking patient information
    • Pharmacy systems (UAL)
    • Shipping and receiving
    • Shipping labels by truck drivers
    • Cross docking labels
    • Point-of-sale
    • Curbside pick-up
    • Inventory
    • Pallet wrap
    • Price change
    Food service
    • Curbside
    • Bag closure
    • On-product (e.g., sandwich, deli, prepared food, beverage)
    Window and door manufacturers
    • Typically pre-printed labels on two sides with CleanTac®, a repositional adhesive
    • Energy Star

RRD’s linerless labels capabilities

RRD developed, commercially utilized, and patented linerless labels solutions starting in the early 1990s. Driving labeling innovation for more than 30 years, we’re committed to providing our clients a readily available solution that answers calls for both heightened productivity and sustainability.

Variable imaging

Variably print and variably size the length of your linerless labels — optimizing label use. Print on demand with RRD labels — image barcodes, text, or a combination of both.


Manufactured with decorative brand graphics, sequentially numbered, or barcoded in the adhesive of your choice, linerless labels can be printed on one side, two sides, or manufactured with a proprietary process resulting in a two-ply design that gives you four sides of print.

Direct thermal

Blank or printed with timing bars on the front/back — produced using premium direct thermal facestocks, RRD precisely matches your application to the right adhesive to ensure optimal performance in your printer and your application.

Custom manufacturing

Opportunities for customization include: up to 4-color printing, direct thermal rolls as small as 0.44" core (ideal for mobile printers), timing bars, perforations, adhesives (repositionable and permanent).

With you, at every step

Work with a partner whose labels experience and trusted expertise have proven valuable, from start to finish.

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RRD’s linerless offering extends to include preprinted and variably-imaged, timing bars, perforations, and decorative capabilities.

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Linerless labels are in stock and available for immediate shipment at United Ad Label, an RRD Company. Visit the UAL website to learn more about what we offer and order now.

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RRD increases linerless labels capacity by 40% to meet demand with a sustainable alternative.



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