We see potential in your customer’s journey.

Delivering highly relevant communications is the key to improving customer engagement and marketing ROI. By liberating the right data to leverage the most effective insights, RRD helps brands acquire, engage, and retain their most profitable customers.

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Drive your organization’s data strategy by establishing a critical understanding of customer demographics and behaviors. With foundational analytics, our clients benefit from a number of quick wins — e.g., 360-degree view of the customer, opportunity identification, and actionable strategic planning.

Drive your data strategy

Business Intelligence

Our business intelligence portal combines intuitive ad-hoc reporting with a library of industry-specific KPI information to create dashboards that measure and report on program success in real-time. With seven standard dashboards — all fully-customizable and built on Tableau — our portal transforms data into a visual representation of marketing performance.

Transform your data

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Data Management

Set the foundation for personalized marketing. We build systems that collect and prepare data for marketing activation. Our marketing databases incorporate advanced identity resolution technology, designed to facilitate rapid startup and anticipate high velocity data sources.

Set your foundation

Research & CX

Dedicated to truly understanding your customers, products and markets, we conduct qualitative and quantitative research to offer a complete picture of the customer perspective. When our discoveries are used to drive change, performance improves immediately.

Improve your performance

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In-Store Insights video


See how we can put our In-Store Insights capabilities to work for you

We'll help you optimize engagement and unleash your most compelling brand story—online, offline or onsite.

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Todd Hatley, SVP, Data, Insights and Customer Engagement
Todd Hatley
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Ask An Expert

Todd Hatley, SVP, Data, Insights and Customer Engagement
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