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A Message From Our CEO

It is an honor to be celebrating RRD’s 160th anniversary in 2024. Our tagline for the celebration is Innovation & Excellence Since 1864.

We intentionally chose the words innovation and excellence to mark this occasion. As we reflect on RRD’s history, innovation is the change — it’s what has kept RRD growing and evolving for well over a century. And, excellence is the constant — it’s what is woven through the fibers of our organization and the way our people approach everything we do.

Thank you for being part of RRD’s 160-year journey from a local print operation to a global provider of marketing, packaging, print, and supply chain solutions. Please join us in celebrating RRD’s past, present, and future during our 160th anniversary.


Tom Quinlan
President and Chief Executive Officer

Tom Quinlan

How Time Flies

RRD's history dates back to 1864.

To put it into perspective, here are a few historical events:

1864 was...

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln's
3rd year
in office as President of the
United States.

Alexander Graham Bell Lincoln

12 years before Alexander Graham Bell patented the telephone. Years later, in 1886, RRD would begin printing Chicago telephone directories.

Henry Ford Model T

44 years before Henry Ford introduced the Model T. In 1927, RRD produced the literature that announced Ford's next line, the Model A.

Innovation & Excellence Since 1864

RRD in 2024

Today, RRD offers the industry’s most trusted portfolio of marketing, packaging, print, and supply chain solutions. We bring concepts to life with our expertise, execution, and scale — all designed to enhance quality and elevate engagement across the full customer journey.

26 Countries | 28K Employees |
18K Clients | 150+ Locations


Our Mission and Values

~ We transform customer touchpoints into moments of impact. ~

What we value

  • Leadership
  • Excellence
  • Respect
  • Teamwork
  • Innovation

Our Commitments

Dedicated to social responsibility, RRD’s practices ensure we operate ethically in the world,
creating sustainable solutions with the lowest environmental impact.

Thank you

We are deeply grateful to all of our stakeholders — past and present — for your support, partnership, and trust.

  • To our valued clients, who are instrumental in the collaboration that leads to our collective achievement of meaningful outcomes
  • To our employees, who truly live out our values and remain dedicated to our company’s mission, serving our clients, and treating each other with mutual respect
  • To our supporters, who believe in our mission, provide encouragement, and endorse our efforts
  • To our founder, Richard Robert Donnelley, who created a company and culture that could withstand the test of time

RRD is an organization propelled by innovation and rooted in excellence, now and long into the future. We look forward to many more years of success.

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