Cost out, revenue in, retention — nurse these terms from hardship into opportunity.

Greater involvement. More control. Easier access. Clearer communication. Consumerism has initiated a new set of patient expectations.

To meet these expectations, RRD delivers communications solutions across the continuum of care. Our trusted healthcare expertise, honed by decades of industry experience, provides clients the means to:

  • Offset financial stressors
  • Adopt a digital-first mindset
  • Reduce patient and employee turnover

End-to-End Communications Solutions

  • Patient Acquisition & Retention

    Patient Acquisition & Retention

    Help patients act to improve their own conditions. RRD’s patient communication solutions assist healthcare organizations in their efforts to drive growth through expanding service lines and extending patient lifetime value.

    • Direct mail campaigns
    • Email campaigns
    • Banner ads, social media, landing pages
    • Health education and wellness
    • Patient awareness
    • Pre-admit kits
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  • Clinical Information

    Clinical Information

    From labels to kits to workflow analysis, RRD’s clinical communication solutions are engineered to reduce errors, elevate patient safety, and improve the overall quality of care.

    • Admissions
    • Assessments
    • ER records
    • Flow sheets
    • Physician orders
    • Patient education
    • Consents
    • Radiology
    • Test requests
    • Labels
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  • Administrative Information

    Administrative Information

    To maximize cost reductions, RRD’s operational communication solutions address more than unit costs. By understanding the entire print universe, we drive material and design standardization, reducing waste and shipping costs.

    • Human resource documents
    • Employee training materials
    • Patient billing – CMS 1500/UB-04
    • Payroll/Accounts payable checks
    • Medical records file folders
    • Purchase orders
    • Patient statements
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  • Community Communications

    Community Communications

    Fragmented audiences, competing priorities, and limited communications expertise stand in the way of delivering content that connects, establishes authenticity, and builds trust.

    RRD provides access to accountable experts and the latest technology to ensure your marketing and communications programs build relationships and create positive change.

    • Foundation mailings
    • Newsletters and magazines
    • Community reports
    • Health fair and event collateral, signage, and promotional items
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Case Study

Health system gains real visibility in total communications spend

Internal interviews and a closer look at supplier data helped identify 15-18% in hard-dollar savings opportunities.

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It’s not unusual to find redundancy — if you know where to look

Time to give your indirect spend a closer look?

These seven benefits, five client success stories, and 20 must-ask questions make the case for it.

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Insights to drive revenue in, increase retention

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Build an authentic brand through stronger design execution

RRD’s Global Brand Solutions gives providers access to a global creative studio and branding partner.


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