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To stay focused on what your business does best, pull in a proven resource in supply chain management to handle the rest.

From consultation to consolidation, RRD Supply Chain Solutions and its global infrastructure get your product to market safely, securely, and efficiently.

Your supply chain needs are unique.

So are RRD’s custom supply chain solutions.

Kitting & Fulfillment


Because you need to meet market demand on time, on brand, and with safe hands.

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Product Configuration

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Product assembly and testing. Finished goods kitting and labeling. Postponed customization.

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Sourcing & Inventory


Lean on a national distribution and warehousing network to save space, reduce costs.

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Kitting & Fulfillment


Because you need to meet market demand on time, on brand, and with safe hands.

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Product Configuration

box of inventory

Product assembly and testing. Finished goods kitting and labeling. Postponed customization.

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Sourcing & Inventory


Lean on a national distribution and warehousing network to save space, reduce costs.

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Take your diagnostic test kit or medical device to market without compromise.

With decades of industry expertise, a global footprint, and a network of regulatory-compliant facilities, RRD is uniquely qualified to support your test kit or device throughout its lifecycle.

  • Graphic and structural design
  • Sourcing and inventory management
  • Packaging, labels, inserts, and IFUs
  • Configuration, kitting, and fulfillment



RRD helps Siemens Healthineers accelerate test kit delivery

Our ISO 13485 accredited facilities scaled to meet the time-sensitive challenge of rapid COVID-19 antigen self-tests during a period of dire need.

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Solidify your fragmented supply chain.

From product development to final destination, an expert can bring new opportunities into focus.

  • Improved reaction times
  • Reduced costs in freight, manufacturing, and fulfillment
  • Greater output consistency across multiple geographies
  • True visibility of the total cost of ownership for a product

For RRD clients, our supply chain analysis often serves as a key first step in regaining control of their supply chain.

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This consultative approach helps organizations gain an intimate understanding of what’s standing in the way of meeting their objectives.

Driven by experienced professionals in supply chain, purchasing, engineering, finance, regulatory, and IT, we’re able to identify needle-moving opportunities in a number of key areas:

  • Global brand uniformity
  • Streamlining of supply chains
  • Product packaging
  • Inventory management
  • Quality and regulatory


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Case Study

Fortune 500 Life Sciences Company Finds Profitability in Unified, Simplified Supply Chain

RRD introduced a solution that postponed final product configuration and kitting.


Get up and running with a global network.

When faced with unforeseen demand, having the flexibility and resources to scale material supply, headcount, and floor space are essential to succeed.

Ten locations across three continents. Spike or slump, RRD’s global network of dedicated ISO-accredited supply chain facilities effectively manage demand volatility through:

  • Deep experience in demand-driven industries
  • Significant investments in robust IT systems
  • Seasoned in-house procurement group
  • Bespoke tools that allow real-time visibility into inventories
  • Leveraged buying power
  • Quality and regulatory expertise
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Case Study

Smartphone Accessory Manufacturer’s Seamless Coordination Across Global Supply Chain

RRD’s vertically integrated services improve client’s flexibility in responding to channel demand.


This is what a global supply chain network looks like.

An inability to ramp up quickly leads to delays in getting your brand and product to market, which in turn, can translate into lost sales. Reduce the risk with a global, interconnected support system.

Industries we support

  • Life sciences

    Life sciences

    Medical device supply chains are under tremendous pressure to meet increased demand while maintaining the highest standards of quality and meeting regulatory compliance. Complex products such as diagnostics test kits and blood glucose monitoring devices must rely on a robust and expertly managed global supply chain.

    RRD Supply Chain Solutions manages all aspects of kitting requirements in FDA registered (Class I to III), cGMP/QSR – 21 CFR part 10 compliant, ISO 13485 accredited facilities in North America, Europe and Asia.

    As a world class specialist in supply chain management for diagnostics, diabetes care, and personal health products, RRD delivers best practice across the entire product lifecycle.

    • Product and packaging design
    • Sourcing
    • Quality assurance
    • Regulatory compliance
    • Product configuration
    • Custom procedure tray and pack kitting
    • Contract packaging
    • Aftermarket services

    RRD is equipped and highly experienced to service your medical device supply chain requirements.

    Learn more about our supply chain solutions for life sciences

  • Telecom


    Component shortages and logistics disruptions have had a major impact on the smartphone and mobile accessories market. RRD’s nearshoring and localized assembly and pack-out facilities have the potential to strike a balance and mitigate multiple risks.

    RRD provides value-added telecom services to mobile device and mobile accessory manufacturers, mobile carriers and mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs).

    From packaging design to device flashing, our suite of end-to-end supply chain services enable clients to achieve heightened speed-to-market, continuity of product supply, greater flexibility, and lower cost structures.

    Case study: In-region postponement drives efficiencies

  • Consumer electronics

    Consumer electronics

    From a growing dependency on manufacturing centers in Asia to widespread shortages of key components, this industry has never had to mitigate so many risks.

    Offering both near and onshore value-add supply chain management solutions, RRD delivers deep resources and best practice across the entire product lifecycle.

    • Packaging design
    • Sourcing
    • Manufacturing
    • Product configuration
    • Software flashing
    • Kitting and fulfillment
    • Aftermarket care

    Our solutions include demand-driven supply chain models, postponement strategies, multichannel and factory direct fulfillment services as well as forward and reverse logistics.

    Case study: Consolidating an accessory kit supply chain

  • Connected care

    Connected care

    Supply chain complexity is further increased by the move towards remote patient monitoring, connected medical devices, and the population health ecosystem.

    This ecosystem brings together healthcare providers, telecom network operators, medical device companies, independent software vendors, health insurers, original equipment manufacturers, and more.

    Backed by our global infrastructure and end-to-end capabilities, RRD’s credentials in both the medical device and telecom industries position us as an ideal consultative resource for companies operating in the connected care market.

    Case study: Remote patient care supply chain optimized

  • Collectibles and games

    Collectibles and games

    Aligning product packaging and literature with your brand identity is paramount. However, increased product variability and responsiveness to seasonal demand and consumer trends create constant challenges for manufacturers.

    RRD’s ISO 9001 accredited facilities deliver unmatched quality, consistency, and cost saving processes. These facilities help companies put hundreds of millions of products into consumers’ hands in almost every vertical segment.

  • Consumer products

    Consumer products

    While managing an ever-expanding product and SKU portfolio, consumer products companies are faced with a number of pressing challenges:

    • Escalating consumer expectations
    • Intense competition
    • Shrinking product life cycles
    • Maintaining margins

    One way to meet and overcome these challenges is through an optimized supply chain. RRD’s suite of end-to-end supply chain solutions streamline a complex cost base, ensure continuity of product supply, protect brand integrity, and adapt to ever-changing market demands.

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Continuity above all else

Navigating uncertain market conditions requires a higher degree of flexibility.

We lean on these supply chain management principles to ensure our clients develop the agility they need to improve market share, profits, and speed-to-market.

  • Open and continuous communication must never be the exception.

  • Nimble and robust processes are key to supply continuity.

  • Meet needs in constrained markets with an open mind and smart alternatives.

As disruptions across the globe test the resilience of your supply chain, you may feel like you’re running out of options. With RRD Supply Chain Solutions, you’re not.

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