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Communicate more effectively with current and prospective members. Whether online or print, static or variable, RRD’s health plan solutions help you design, produce, and deliver communications to better engage your members across the communication lifecycle.

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View ANOCs and EOCs Differently

Gain efficiency and compliance with RRD’s Document Automation Tool

Do you view ANOCs and EOCs as compliance documents that are difficult and time consuming — only made more challenging by resource constraints and a rise in alternate formats?

Gain a new perspective with RRD’s Document Automation Tool (DAT).

DAT drives efficiency and compliance as it leverages reusable content and data.

It’s time to see ANOCs and EOCs as a foundation for so many of your other plan and sales documents, rather than as a burden. DAT will make that happen.

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Health Plan Solutions

Where technology tools, industry expertise, and multichannel fulfillment come together — effectively.

  • Member Acquisition

    Member Acquisition

    The health of your business depends on increasing and retaining your membership base. RRD strategizes, targets, plans, and executes data-driven multichannel member communication solutions to help you connect, engage, and build loyalty.

    • Technology supporting the automated document versioning
    • Analytics and modeling to ensure right target, right message
    • Mailing smart versus mailing more
    • Mail piece design and content that drives response rates
    • Communicating to prospects in their preferred channel
    • Reporting to give you visibility into your ROI
    • Group enrollment and education materials
    • Medicare age-in and AEP Campaigns
    • Medicaid acquisition
    • Individual and exchange plan marketing
    • Direct marketing campaigns
    • Sales and broker ordering of plan materials
    • Multichannel marketing solutions
    • Response capturing for campaign performances
  • Member Engagement

    Member Engagement

    Member retention starts on day one. Now more than ever, your member communications need to drive transparency, engagement and plan utilization.

    The conversation between payers and members takes place in more channels than ever before. Whether loyal to one channel or three, each member has preferences for how they prefer to receive and engage in conversations.

    Your challenge is to create content, synchronized across all channels to create an engaging connected member experience. RRD creates, synchronizes, and delivers the essential, including compliance-required new member and benefit documents, to the exceptional, such as educational programs to drive members to make smart healthcare decisions.

    • Traditional welcome kits
    • Digital welcome kits
    • Government sponsored kits
    • Content creation
    • ID cards
    • Directories
    • Drug formularies
    • Newsletters
    • EOCs
    • Benefit summaries
  • Service Communications

    Service Communications

    Today’s health-plan mindset is to move service documents out the door at the lowest cost and in the most efficient manner. And while that is important, RRD views this as a missed opportunity.

    Bolstered by an advanced technological footprint, our design and strategy experts review how service documents such as EOBs, invoices, and letters can become interactive experiences on a website or mobile device — maintaining compliance while improving engagement and saving you postage.

    Your Documents
    • EOBs, EOPs, checks
    • Bills, invoices, and statements
    • ANOC and LIS
    • Letters programs — system and ad hoc
    • Appeal, denial, grievance programs
    • Electronic delivery, ePresentment, secure archive
    • White paper factory programs
    • Householding and cross file consolidation
    • Postage optimization
    • White glove, quick turn services
    • Technology solutions for composition, proofing, tracking and reporting
  • Health & Wellness

    Health & Wellness

    Members who utilize the health and wellness tools provided by their health plan are equipped to make better choices and take control of their health, thus reducing overall healthcare costs.

    RRD provides member-friendly design services, healthcare specific content, translations and print executions of the following communications:

    • Health risk assessment mailings
    • Disease and case management
    • Preventative care adherence
    • Nurse line communications
    • Disease management guides
    • Member newsletters

    RRD’s multichannel solutions leverage plan, profile and situational data to craft personalized, behavior-changing communications. Our automated engine delivers tailored communications at strategic touchpoints in the member journey to support care management, prevention, and adherence initiatives.

    Care Manager Fulfillment Program

    Through an interactive portal, care managers can personalize content and documents on-demand, creating customized programs that can also include a wide variety of off-the-shelf guides, brochures, and even medical devices. RRD’s integrated production and distribution centers will produce and ship each unique kit on-demand and provide reports with detailed distribution history.

  • Professional Services

    Professional Services

    Today’s increasing demands for omnichannel and highly personalized content has put a huge strain on healthcare marketers and their communications supply chain. Our understanding of today’s healthcare market has allowed us to anticipate these needs and provide end-end solutions that support internal marketing teams.

    Marketing Services

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