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With decades of experience serving some of the world’s largest, most innovative organizations in healthcare and life sciences, RRD has a proven track record of designing, producing, and delivering content that will enhance and evolve both the member and patient experience.

RRDCare — Reduce Manual Steps, Improve Visibility, Verify Compliance

RRDCare is our proprietary client portal — designed specifically for clients in managed care — that serves as a single point of entry to all of RRD’s online tools.

Ideal for business owners, client service teams, as well as compliance and legal teams, RRDCare provides users an incredible amount of control of and visibility into the communication projects produced by RRD. This thoughtful use of technology includes:

  • Production Management

    Production Management

    • Take control of production and gain insight to your data driven documents
    • ANOC, enrollment and post-enrollment guides, welcome kits, notifications, ID cards
    • Features include job status and tracking, collaborative proof and approval, crosswalk management, dynamic reporting, image archive
  • Content Management

    Content Management

    • Simplify the creation of complex, plan-specific documents
    • Use your plan data to drive variation — stop creating multiple templates
    • Automate the creation of ANOCs, EOCs, contracts, riders, formularies
  • e-Commerce Portal

    e-Commerce Portal

    • RRD is the gold standard in providing tools for managing kitting and fulfillment of printed materials
    • Your users can order static and custom materials — but within your controls
    • Use demand management to gather pre- and post-enrollment orders to drive print volumes
  • ID Card Zone

    ID Card Zone

    • Exciting tool suite made specifically for ID card owners
    • Incredible production control — hold data, customize release groups, audit/preview, pulls, and reroutes
    • You control content — use any one of three different methods to manage the content and look/feel of your cards, with instant preview and testing
  • Directory Zone

    Directory Zone

    • Stay ahead of changing directory regulations and trends by controlling your own layout and geo-coding logic
    • Use our simple and intuitive tool to create and adjust your layout — make format variations by section or please your sales team by allowing regional variations
    • On-demand testing with your own provider data
    • Launch your format(s) for print or integrate with your online provider finder
  • Letters Zone

    Letters Zone

    • Letters can’t wait for your traditional change management process
    • Select to “Manage Templates” or “Create One Time” letter
    • Template management provides an intuitive interface for modifying your letter content, with on-demand preview and testing
    • Our one-time letter flow allows you to centrally control the production of those ad-hoc letter projects you need right now

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RRDCare Client Portal

Are you struggling to keep up with the demands of member and provider communication? Meet RRDCare, our client portal created specifically for health plans.

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The current climate has pressed organizations in both healthcare and life sciences to prioritize efficiency in all areas of operation. Communication creation and execution is no exception.

Unfortunately most teams aren’t in the position to increase headcount or invest in a new tech stack. Identifying trusted, external support is absolutely critical right now and offers invaluable flexibility to scale up or down at a lower cost.”

— Ken Gammon, Senior Vice President of Healthcare Solutions
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Challenges aplenty, solutions abound

Proliferation of suppliers Scaling personalization Tons of content Data integration Manual processes Endless versioning Leveraging analytics Consumer expectations

The challenges you face are persistent and abundant. It takes experience and the most comprehensive portfolio of capabilities in the industry to overcome them.

Health Plan Solutions

Whether online or print, static or variable, we will help you design, produce, and deliver content that will engage your members across the communication lifecycle.

  • Member acquisition
  • Member onboarding and engagement
  • Compliance and transactional communications
  • Health and wellness

All achievable through a powerful combination of RRD’s purpose built, payer-specific technology stack called RRDCare and our professional services offering.

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Provider Solutions

Communication solutions that elevate clinical care, enhance patient interactions, and contain costs.

  • Clinical communication
  • Patient communication
  • Operational communication

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Security & Compliance

Longstanding commitment to information security, a proven ability to process and manage highly sensitive data, and a deep understanding of industry regulations and requirements.

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Work smarter, not harder

Inspired by your goals, Products by RRD are tailored solutions developed to make an impact — and your life easier.

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