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With decades of experience serving some of the world’s largest, most innovative organizations in healthcare and life sciences, RRD has a proven track record of designing, producing, and delivering content that will enhance and evolve both the member and patient experience.

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Vaccination Distribution Toolkit

Seize the moment — safely and effectively

Once a vaccine for COVID-19 becomes available, things will move fast. Are you ready? RRD has developed an awareness toolkit for COVID-19 vaccination to enable manufacturers, care providers, and associated companies in the following areas:

  • Vaccine awareness – direct mail programs, digital communications, employee training materials, content and creative translations
  • Clinician and retailer operational needs – signage and wayfinding, prep kits, temperature labels, POP displays, branded promotions and labels
  • Post-vaccination support – care kits, proof of vaccination, second shot reminders, tip sheets

To learn more about this holistic solution for quick-turn marketing, communication, and operational support, connect with an expert.

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The current climate has pressed organizations in both healthcare and life sciences to prioritize efficiency in all areas of operation. Communication creation and execution is no exception.

Unfortunately most teams aren’t in the position to increase headcount or invest in a new tech stack. Identifying trusted, external support is absolutely critical right now and offers invaluable flexibility to scale up or down at a lower cost.”

— Ken Gammon, Vice President, Healthcare Sales and Business Development at RRD
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COVID & Your Patients, Members & Customers

Keep a pulse on consumer behavior with our monthly snapshot of current market research amid the pandemic.


Challenges aplenty, solutions abound

Proliferation of suppliers Scaling personalization Tons of content Data integration Manual processes Endless versioning Leveraging analytics Consumer expectations

The challenges you face are persistent and abundant. It takes experience and the most comprehensive portfolio of capabilities in the industry to overcome them.

Health Plan Solutions

Whether online or print, static or variable, we will help you design, produce, and deliver content that will engage your members across the communication lifecycle.

  • Member acquisition
  • Member onboarding and engagement
  • Compliance and transactional communications
  • Health and wellness

All achievable through a powerful combination of RRD’s purpose built, payer-specific technology stack called RRDCare and our professional services offering.

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Life Sciences

Comprehensive, accredited solutions so Life Science innovators capture market opportunities and streamline the expenses associated with bringing a health and wellness product to market.

  • Medical device and pharmaceutical marketing
  • Life sciences manufacturing and regulatory for supply chain

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Provider Solutions

Communication solutions that elevate clinical care, enhance patient interactions, and contain costs.

  • Clinical communication
  • Patient communication
  • Operational communication

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Security & Compliance

Longstanding commitment to information security, a proven ability to process and manage highly sensitive data, and a deep understanding of industry regulations and requirements.

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Staying relevant starts with staying informed.

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  • Our Products
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    In-Store Insights
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