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Labels do more than just identify your product. They tell your story, inform your consumers, and act as a beacon for your brand. Correct material selection and lasting durability are critical to ensure your labels survive the lifetime of your product.

RRD’s fully equipped label testing labs are staffed with experts who identify and test materials under a variety of conditions — before recommending a custom label solution.

Research and development

In creating award-winning label solutions for clients across the globe, our research and development centers around four fundamental pillars:


Engineering and product development


Optimal material discovery and recommendations


Material and operational process improvement


Proof of concept and pilot projects

Application testing

Our staff has experience in a wide variety of testing procedures, including paper analysis, adhesive properties testing, accelerated aging and exposure analysis, printability, and other label industry testing procedures.

  • Label adhesion performance testing

    Label adhesion performance testing

    • Peel adhesion test
    • Loop tack test
    • Shear test
  • Environmental exposure testing

    Environmental exposure testing

    • Accelerated aging oven test
    • Temperature and humidity cycling test
    • Xenon arc aging exposure test
    • Ultraviolet light exposure test (Q-UV Exposure)
  • Printability testing verification

    Printability testing verification

    • Laser printing
    • Inkjet printing
    • Direct thermal printing
    • Thermal transfer printing
    • TT ribbons testing
    • Barcode verification testing
  • Material ID and validation

    Material ID and validation

    • Facestock
    • Adhesive
    • Lamination
  • Chemical exposure testing

    Chemical exposure testing

    • Coating weight measurement
    • Chemical exposure test
    • Xylene exposure test
    • Battery acid exposure test
  • Paper testing

    Paper testing

    • Basis weight
    • Caliper/thickness
    • Brightness
    • Roughness
    • Coefficient of friction
    • Tensile strength

With you, at every step

From start to finish, work alongside a trusted partner with proven labels testing experience.

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Quality control

RRD utilizes industry standard testing protocols to meet a wide range of stringent and unique client requirements.

Our label manufacturing facilities maintain ISO 9001 compliance certification, as well as UL/CUL and/or gCMP registration. Each facility offers best-in-class equipment, processes, and resources.

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Fully equipped to meet industry standards

RRD runs a fully equipped TAPPI-grade testing facility on-site in our Angola, Indiana plant. RRD Angola also manufactures pressure-sensitive labels, linerless labels, specialty forms, and barcode labels for large transportation companies and e-commerce.

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