Can a label help your business run more efficiently?

Design, test, certify, and produce RFID labels and tags that integrate seamlessly with your new or existing RFID infrastructure.

No matter if you’re already using RFID or implementing systems for the first time, RRD’s proven experience can help navigate the process.

Increase supply chain visibility with RRD’s smart label solutions.

Automate inventory management, enhance communication, and increase security with RRD’s industry-leading RFID labels and tags. Lean on decades of trusted label expertise and innovative technology — all designed for your specific needs.

RFID expertise, innovation, and end-to-end solutions

From barcode labels to RFID technology, RRD has supported data collection technologies through innovative tag and label products since the 1990s.

  • Time-tested expertise

    Time-tested expertise

    Our RFID experts — from applications engineering to the production floor — specialize in developing the optimal combination of inlays, facestocks, and adhesives.

    This expertise allows us to build customized solutions that enhance performance through a number of elements:

    • RFID technologies, including HF, UHF and NFC
    • Media facestocks, from low cost papers to durable films
    • Formats — roll, fanfold or singulated
    • Label size and shape, optimized to your inlay
    • Adhesives, to adhere to different surfaces — permanent or removable
  • Smart label solutions

    Smart label solutions

    RFID offers a more effective way to monitor products through the entire supply chain, from manufacturing to the consumer. Our RFID solutions consist of:

    • Full range of pressure-sensitive labels with transponders (e.g., HF, UHF)
    • Tag and label converting
    • System integration recommendations based on the RFID application
    • Label design and implementation support
    • Wide range of overt and covert features for authenticity
    • Written or unwritten labels available
  • Certified facilities

    Certified facilities

    RRD’s ISO 9001:2015 certified production facilities provide complete converting capabilities to meet your volume and configuration needs with hard working labels that feature inlays that are 100% inspected.

    • Inline RFID conversion of pressure-sensitive labels — up to six colors
    • Offline digital for unique RFID applications
    • Multiple offline capabilities for variable printing and encoding

    We help organizations comply, reduce theft, speed receiving and shipping processes, gain better control over inventories, improve data validity, and more.

    When there’s a mandate to identify products with RFID, draw on RRD’s network of experience to meet the exacting requirements for compliance labeling. And when the need is within your own four walls, we can provide the guidance and options to maximize ROI.

With you, at every step

Work with a partner whose labels experience and trusted expertise have proven valuable, from start to finish.

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Work with a proven RFID vendor

RFID labels provide unmatched inventory accuracy and stock reliability, which is why leading retailers like Walmart, Chipotle and Dick's Sporting Goods have mandated their suppliers to implement them.

Do you have a retailer mandate you need to meet? RRD can help.


RFID smart label advantages through RRD

Smart label technology is not simply an enhancement to the status quo. When implemented correctly, it can become a competitive advantage that reaps the following benefits:

Process efficiencies

Improve tracking accuracy, reduce manual steps, and circumvent barcode “line-of-sight” requirements.


Effectively deter theft and counterfeiting through a custom mix of overt and covert labeling features.

Supply chain visibility

Improve asset management and streamline process operations with secure track-and-trace capabilities.

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