From one-time emails to entire campaign calendars, execute successful campaigns that offer big returns.

Certified across a number of email and marketing cloud platforms, RRD’s email services team can handle both the technical and marketing aspects of implementing high-performance email solutions.

We provide guidance, supplement client teams, or manage campaigns from start to finish.

Our focus is driving email ROI.
Our approach is end-to-end.
And we take pride in our results.

Our orientation is to optimize key facets of your email campaign:

  • Driving open and click-through rates to get noticed
  • Judging success on incremental margin delivered — not email readership
  • Leveraging insights and personalization to deliver a highly relevant brand voice
  • Maximizing automation for real-time and near real-time applications

Managing over 1 billion emails every month, our campaigns drive traffic, increase conversion, and improve the brand experience.

  1. Design. Architect and document the optimal solutions — design and configuration.

  2. Build. Configure program elements — creative, coding, and scripting.

  3. Deploy. Launch the campaign — comprehensive proofing and testing.

  4. Measure. Report performance — confirm engagement metrics, identify incremental margin, and calculate ROI.

Customized campaign operations

Critical to any business with limited resource capacity, advanced data requirements, and gaps in platform support expectations, our campaign teams perform these critical functions:

  • Project management. Align resources and ensure deadlines are met.
  • Data transformation. Translate data into actionable strategies.
  • Production. Configure campaign elements.
  • Execution. Launch campaigns and report performance.
  • Quality assurance. Perform proofing and comprehensive testing.
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The perfect message meets the preferred channel.

RRD combines the leading direct marketing platform with best-in-class execution strategies. Want to learn more? Connect with an expert today.

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