Classroom, workspace, yoga studio — since the start of the pandemic, for many of us, the definition of "home" has undergone a bit of a remodel. Just consider the dramatic rise in telehealth adoption.

Today, homes have become doctor’s offices as more of your members and patients are taking on an active role in their own care management. The concept of "health at home" is not only convenient, but it can also be empowering with the right support.

Join RRD Healthcare Solutions and special guest, Fitbit Health Solutions, as the explain the value proposition of care kits and how they are ideally positioned to help you reimagine and thoughtfully curate the care experience. This webinar will call attention to:

  • Types of care kits
  • Value of care kits for employees, seniors, members, and patients
  • Where care kits fall within the healthcare experience
  • Importance of data within care journey


Nicole Williams

Nicole Williams, VP of Sales and Business Development, RRD Healthcare Solutions

Nicole works with health plan clients every day to communicate more efficiently, more effectively and remain compliant. With over 25 years in the communication industry, she brings extensive knowledge around workflow automation, document and campaign design. For the past five years, Nicole’s sole focus has been the health plan space, giving her unique insight across all lines of business and an understanding of the regulatory environment in which her clients operate. From member acquisition and on-boarding to engagement and retention programs, Nicole is a valuable sounding board for best practices, trends, and ways to optimize communication programs.

Lori Huss

Lori Huss, Head of Strategic Partnerships, Fitbit Health Solutions

Lori is a passionate, driven and multi-disciplinary health and wellness leader with 18 years of experience in creating member experiences within health products that allows partners, clients and participants a member centric experience that drives sustained engagement that leads towards positive health outcomes. For the last two years, Lori has been leading the partner channel at Fitbit Health Solutions, developing innovative ways to integrate devices and behavior change programs into partner solutions that drives increased engagement, improved health outcomes, and supports positive returns for our partners and their clients. Prior to joining Fitbit, Lori served in numerous leadership roles with health plans, crafting the strategic vision to achieve business goals, developing unique marketing communications and products, leading teams towards award winning solutions, and developing products with proven results.

John Moore

John Moore, PhD, MD, Fitbit Health Solutions

John Moore is a physician, engineer and the Medical Director at Fitbit. He is the former CEO of Twine Health, a Cambridge based company recently acquired by Fitbit. John studied biomedical engineering and then medicine at Boston University. He left the clinical career path, determined to develop solutions to improve healthcare delivery, and earned a PhD from MIT. His research included the intersection of health psychology, learning science, and human-computer interaction, which formed the health behavior change foundation of Twine Health that is now being leveraged at Fitbit. John was recently recognized by Employee Benefits News, as one of the 2019 Digital Innovators: Transforming HR. John finds his fit with various ocean-related activities, including surfing.

Webinar Details:

Name: The Key to Reimagining the Care Experience

When: On-demand

Length: 47 minutes

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