Personalization efforts within email campaigns will be largely fueled in the future by zero-party data, the information that your subscribers explicitly and intentionally provide to your brand. In this session, we'll explore not only how to take advantage of this valuable data asset, but how email marketers can leverage interactive emails to harvest zero-party data while also delivering outstanding customer experiences.


Tim Thies

Tim Thies, Senior Business Development Manager, RRD Marketing Solutions

Tim Thies joined RRD in 2012 as a Business Development Manager on the Data, Insights, and Customer Engagement team. Focusing on connected customer experiences across digital & physical channels, Tim specializes in campaign orchestration best practices leveraging industry leading technologies, including Adobe Marketing Cloud and Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Webinar Details:

Name: Interactive Emails & Zero-Party Data
When: Originally recorded in conjunction with the Email Evolution Conference 2021
Length: 16 minutes

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