Rate each item on a scale from 1 to 7 (1=Never and 7=Always)


1. Do you have data to drive personalized messages, including account information, transactions, demographics and lifestyles?

2. Do you employ predictive analytics to determine things like future value, purchase likelihood and attrition likelihood?


3. Are your marketing messages written with individual customer needs in mind?

4. Is the copy and imagery relevant to each customer, based on behavior, demographic and lifestyle information?


5. Are you delivering the most relevant offer for each individual customer?

6. Are offers selected based on individual customer behavior?


7. Do you know whether each customer prefers being contacted via email, mail, phone or text?

8. Do you deliver consistent marketing messages across multiple channels, including email, mail, phone and text?


9. Are personalized messages triggered by customer behaviors and events?

10. Do you ensure that communications are sent at a time that's relevant to customers?


11. Do you test the effectiveness of personalization variables?

12. Are you able to attribute response to specific variables in your marketing efforts?

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