Health and Wellness Newsletters for Today’s Consumer

As consumerism continues to have an impact on the Managed Care industry, the need for health plans to drive member loyalty and retention has also increased. Not only is it a matter of staying in front of their members, it is the need to deliver relevant content to each member that emphasizes the importance of health plan utilization and illustrates that their health plan knows them. Although content is health-and-wellness related, many managed care organizations view this as an opportunity to show value to their members.

This level of personalization at a member level is a challenge for most health plans – where do they get all of that content? How do they manage all of those pieces of content? How do they keep track of which articles each member has received?

Our large health plan client with almost 4 million members serving both Medicare and Medicaid populations was experiencing this same challenge.

BACKGROUND: RRD had been involved in the print production and execution of the program for several years when the document was a generic newsletter. When the need for personalization illuminated their current creative partners’ lack of content and program management, the client asked if RRD had the capabilities to provide the front-end creative and content for their newsletter program. The customer was becoming increasingly unsatisfied with the previous vendor’s customer service, variety of content and quality of content.

Newsletters were created on a plan level-this meant each plan needed to get State approval for their newsletters before publishing.

Manual proofing process was tedious and time consuming.

Add to the complexity equation that this client has plans across the country and members that speak several different languages.

This siloed approach made brand and message consistency next to impossible.

Newsletters were created on a plan level-this meant each plan needed to get State approval for their newsletters before publishing.

SOLUTION: They needed an enterprise level program that ensured consistent look and feel as well as content, a turnkey solution complete with content, automated proofing, variable imaging and translations.

  • Content: The RRD Digital Solutions Group researched, wrote, edited and designed 20 original content articles on broad healthcare topics provided by the client, ranging from dental care to mental health to immunizations
Asthma Hepatitis C
Allergies & Asthma High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)
Bone Density Screening HIV/AIDS Prevention
Cardiovascular Disease Hospitalization Follow-up
Chemical Dependence (alcohol and drug abuse) Immunization
Children with ADHD Importance of Developmental Screenings for Children
Cirrhosis of the Liver Injury Prevention
COPD Lung Disease Lead Poisoning Prevention
Dental Care, including Importance of Preventive Services such as Dental Sealants Mental Health
Depression Physical Fitness and Nutrition
Diabetes & Prediabetes Preventative Care
Domestic Abuse Psychosis
Family Planning (birth control)
  • Look and Feel: The team completed a creative refresh, giving the newsletters an updated look and feel; with each issue maintaining brand consistency even if content varied.
  • Personalization: Client had high expectations around the ability to personalize newsletters based on recipients’ demographic information (including Medicaid vs. Medicare audiences, state-required reading levels and state-specific terminology)
  • Translation Services: Spanish, Korean, Chinese and Vietnamese
  • Program Management: The RRD Digital Solutions Group provides complete customer service/account management including tracking which articles each member has received
  • Print Fulfillment: The team leveraged format efficiencies and provided unexpected savings
  • eDelivery: DSG utilized the RRD Digimag solution to deliver a digital “magazine-like” experience

OUTCOME: In the first quarter of onboarding the work, client requested that RRD deliver thirteen 8-page newsletters and 22 translated versions, in addition to 20 original content articles. Client was so pleased with the articles and design that they then requested RRD to write and design over a dozen additional articles before the first quarter’s newsletters were even created. By the end of the first quarter of on-boarding, the RRD team researched, wrote and designed 33 original articles and copyedited and designed 71 supplied articles, all adhering to specific state and national requirements.

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