Taking care to improve patient care

Millions of patients — and countless opportunities for improvement

Nurses have always been the unsung heroes of medicine with their tireless, compassionate care. In today’s information and technology age, nurses can now be on call for patients anytime, from anywhere. That’s the case for a large RRD Healthcare Solutions client responsible for serving 74 million patients, 300 health plans and more than 67,000 pharmacies nationwide.

The client employs thousands of nurses who field inbound telephone calls around the clock. Their mission is to help patients find the right care at the best value. A key tool at their disposal is a library of printed information they can send to patients.

While this content has helped many patients, the client lacked standardized information management and production systems, causing significant problems:

  • Each nurse was responsible for individually determining which materials to send to members – a time-consuming process with no safeguards in place to prevent sending incorrect, outdated or duplicate information.
  • Materials were printed and fulfilled at several facilities, with little to no coordination between locations, no tracking capabilities of what content was being sent, and difficulty managing patient information.

With so many different types of materials and fulfillment methods, the client struggled to control costs – all during a period in which the client was rapidly growing through the acquisition of new companies. To stabilize the situation, the client sought a solution to standardize processes, seamlessly interface with their CRM, deliver transparency to manage spend and support more rapid onboarding of newly acquired organizations.

Standardizing a system for dramatically improved performance

In times of real stress, the on-call button is a patient’s best friend. For this customer, the RRD Healthcare Solutions group was this client’s “on-call button”. Our experts worked with the customer to create an advanced platform to manage all standardized materials and CRM functions, weeding out duplicate or outdated content and other process errors.

We created a closed loop system designed to seamlessly integrate with their CRM system to provide their nurses with an integrated tool. Through a series of relevant questions, this tool helps them to identify the right materials to mail to each patient on the line. This approach not only reduced the number of materials needed, it even reduced the number of keystrokes the nurses need to enter when ordering materials.

This much-needed transparency into CRM operations provided detailed, secure and accurate information on patient records, material ordering status and more. Additionally, our solution allowed us to manage all front-end data capture, thereby eliminating the need for the client to manually capture and transfer data to RRD Healthcare Solutions.

A scalable system and a prognosis for growth

RRD Healthcare Solutions was just the right medicine for the client. Since its inception in 2011, the program has expanded to fill approximately 120,000 orders nationwide each month, through four separate RRD Healthcare Solutions specialized facilities. With offices all over the country and an aggressive plan to acquire new companies, the client was confident that they now had a consistent platform for all nurses to use; brand standards, standardized content, and secure CRM processes that remain constant, whenever and wherever the system is used.


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