A study in success: Health and Wellness Communication

In this case study, we focus on one client’s ongoing goal to help its members stay healthy. This client provides a variety of comprehensive wellness services including employee assistance programs (EAPs), return-to-work solutions, coverage for chronic disease and mental health care, and financial planning assistance through its multiple business units.

One particular program provides call center access for registered members or providers. The call center is staffed by nurses and clinicians, and callers can request printed material about general health & wellness issues, condition management and more. However, the program lacked an efficient model for ordering and distributing its materials, as well as auditing program effectiveness. As a result, the program delivered materials with inconsistent messaging, often at the wrong time.

To correct the situation, our client set out to develop a new program that met all of their needs in one simple, effective model. Their main requirements included having the ability to:

  • Manage order demand from either a CRM feed or through a web based portal.
  • Control message consistency and allow for personalized information in member documents.
  • Utilize traditional printed kits and components, as well as secure and non- secure email channels.
  • Track all materials by recipient name and time requested.
  • Measure and audit program metrics to determine effectiveness.

RRD Healthcare Solution’s

RRD Healthcare Solutions leveraged CustomPoint®, the client’s existing technology platform, to support an intuitive question and answer wizard call center workflow, designed to allow the client to run simultaneous programs through its multiple business units. Each Q&A workflow now guides call center reps through specific program information for each of the client’s major accounts. As call center reps speak with members or providers on the phone, they’re guided by a series of questions that lead to pre-approved lists of highly relevant materials available for order based on the caller’s condition or needs. The solution then generates a personalized letter with details about the phone conversation, kitted into a window envelope along with the requested materials for shipping. An automated batch kitting work ow system manages all variable printing and kit building on a daily basis.

To support the client’s multichannel distribution requirement, RRD Healthcare Solutions leveraged the existing functionality of CustomPoint® to send general health & wellness communications through non-secure email distribution. For materials that require a higher level of PHI security, RRD Healthcare Solutions interfaced with the client’s SecureEmail platform through their web service API.

Key Benefits:

  • Scalable technology solution that leverages an existing technology platform for both CRM and web based order demand
  • Centralized composition toolset to ensure consistency of messaging regardless of demand channel
  • Integration with the client’s existing CRM application for push and pull of member and order data, achieving closed‑loop accounting.
  • Centralized manufacturing and processing with a single print vendor provides better and more consistent materials.
  • Automated kitting workflows provide daily, consolidated kit processing for greatest manufacturing efficiency and economies of scale.

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