Relevant messaging for members; an efficient process for a managed care provider

Looking for answers in a time of questions

In an era of uncertainty about healthcare, a leading managed care organization needed certainty wherever it could find it.

In this case, the provider was looking to optimize its Age-In direct marketing program for prospective new members. They had been relying on a conventional lettershop direct mail piece, but faced issues with an aggressive semi-monthly production schedule, multiple version management, accelerating postal costs, lengthy cycle times and increasingly unwieldy inventory. In addition, they wanted to update their communications to reflect more relevant imagery and copy to compete in a highly competitive marketplace.

Improving the process from the inside-out

When it comes to bringing simplicity to process complexity, the best place to start is quite often the most obvious. So that’s where RRD Healthcare Solutions began, reviewing the managed care organization’s order processing steps to gauge quarterly inventory of pre-printed letter shells, envelopes and brochures. We found that estimates for advanced printing often led to inaccurate counts – the client was either throwing out material or scrambling to create additional printed pieces at a premium each quarter. In addition, there were several plate and format change set-up issues identified in their lettershop process, decreasing postal string sizes and preventing full optimization of the postage savings.

Our experts suggested an in-line solution utilizing our world-class proprietary ProteusJetSM variable inkjet imaging technology. This meant key components of the direct mail program could now be produced in-line with 100% variable 4-color print.

The program could also produce the client’s three different formats – each featuring multiple versions – all in combination, all in a single press run. This reduced the number of postal strings, delivered better postal optimization and resulted in significant postal savings.

A better process for better communications

Our in-line single format solution – using ProteusJet variable inkjet imaging – reduced the client’s production costs by up to 35%. Improved in-line production efficiencies also helped decrease cycle times by 14 days, helping the client to move to one production run per month instead of two. In addition, our in-line concept created six-figure postal savings annually by combining mail strings to maximize postal optimization.

35% Reduced
Production Costs
Cycle Production Times Decreased by 14 DAYS

Strategically, the client is now well-positioned to deliver highly relevant, data-driven messaging with the words and images that matter most to its audiences – even allowing for new message testing to continually improve campaign results.

The program could produce the client’s three different formats

Reduced the number of postal strings

Delivered better postal optimization and resulted in significant postal savings

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