How a fast-growing insurer meets the needs of its expanding broker network

From minor player to major force in just seven years

As of 2014, approximately one-third of Americans were served by Medicare or Medicaid.1 With longer lifespans and over 10,000 Baby Boomers turning 65 each day, that percentage will continue to increase for the foreseeable future. In this case study, we’ll focus on a leading national health insurer – and an RRD Healthcare Solutions client – committed to helping Medicare and Medicaid patients live healthier, more active lives through personalized, affordable and easy-to-use health care solutions.

The insurer began with just under 50,000 members seven years ago, but now serves millions of customers across the U.S. through Medicare Advantage, Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage and Medicaid plans. As the company sought help in supporting their rapidly expanding network of nearly 11,000 brokers, they were searching for a provider with deep experience in managed care who is capable of scaling to size and unconstrained by limitations of specific facilities.

Automating the process to control costs and capture growth

An aging demographic and mounting competition meant there was no time to lose – and particularly no time for company growing pains. Yet the insurer was faced with the challenge of converting its manual materials ordering process for brokers into an automated one. Fortunately, a known and successful legacy solution was already in place: RRD Healthcare Solutions CustomPoint®. Originally deployed seven years ago, the CustomPoint® Solution helped the insurer manage over 800 items of pre-enrollment materials – ranging from personalized all-in-one sales kits to bulkordered items. CustomPoint Solution encompasses mission-critical capabilities that lower costs, increase efficiency and continually refine program structure including:

  • Order limits so that brokers could only access items that each is licensed to sell
  • Routing and approval rules to prevent over-ordering
  • Cost center- or credit card- based ordering to help provide accurate billing
  • Detailed report generation to track order details, shipping, inventory levels, broker performance metrics, content effectiveness and more.
OVER 800 Items of pre-enrollment materials - ranging from personalized all-in-one sales kits to bulk orders

Seamless growth powered by client support — every step of the way

A core tenet of our support strategy is to scale our capabilities as rapidly and accurately as clients require. Originally supported by one RRD Healthcare Solutions facility, we quickly demonstrated our ability to run the program from six of our facilities, continually optimizing data, workflows, time-to-market and logistics costs. In 2014 alone, we shipped more than 700,000 items through 3,400 orders.

The program will soon expand to include more than 100 additional documents for self-directed mail campaigns, personalized letters for potential customers, bulk-ordered printed or digital marketing collateral and more. This new expansion will also include our eCreate feature in the CustomPoint Solution, allowing users to populate specific document fields with variable data for truly customized branded messaging.

Our relationship has played an integral part in helping the insurer keep pace with opportunities by adding new content and expanding sales enablement efforts. As a result, the insurer has been able to support their everexpanding broker channel, keep costs in line and maintain brand standards across all communications.

The program will expand
to include more than 100 ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTS

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