Relevance Equals Response

Medicare annual enrollment full service strategy improves acquisition programs

Currently, 44 million beneficiaries—some 15 percent of the U.S. population—are enrolled in the Medicare program. Only 1 in 10 beneficiaries relies solely on the Medicare program for health care coverage. This has given rise to the need for supplemental plans such as Medicare Part D plans, also called the Medicare prescription drug benefit to help seniors subsidize the costs of their prescription drugs.

The Challenge

A national pharmaceutical retailer began to market it’s services as a managed care provider in the Medicare Part D space in 2013. With the competitive nature of Medicare acquisition, the need to differentiate their plan and illustrate the value to prospective members was critical to their goal to expand quickly. They needed a communications company that could deliver a turn key solution and one that had the scale required for the quick ramp up of their program. They chose RRD to help them develop a relevant direct mail campaign to help them achieve that goal.

The Solution

RRD engaged strategists who specialized in several areas including creative, production, list procurement, data management and back-end data analysis to assist this customer in developing a comprehensive plan to increase customers and grow their business.

Data Management
Back-end Analysis
List Procurement

With a regulated eight week window of opportunity to reach out to potential Medicare recipients, a plan was created that included multiple touches within that time frame. With such a compressed time period, planning for aggressive mail piece testing started six months prior to mailing. Tests included items such as:

  • Timing, lists
  • Premiums and freemiums
  • Formats and various personalization techniques

Purchasing the right lists and segmenting lists appropriately was key to reaching the right people with the right message for best results. With the need to satisfy CMS regulations RRD also assisted with constant monitoring to guarantee adherence to compliance rules.

The Results

The success of this full service strategy has resulted in direct mail volumes growing from 10 million to 34 million annually.

After much testing, there were multiple winning formats, depending upon the purpose of the mailing and the audience. Less expensive formats were utilized for second and third mailings.

RRD also provided this managed care provider with predictive modeling services to improve the performance of their acquisition programs. Multiple models were developed to find the best method for mailing depending on budgets, timing and the number of records to achieve maximum results.

The success of this full service strategy has resulted in this customer growing their annual direct mail volumes with RRD from 10 million pieces to 34 million pieces. A strong testament to the fact that direct mail is a key component to expanding Medicare annual enrollment among multiple demographics.

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