Multi-channel Member Engagement & Education Solutions

Now more than ever, you need to communicate with members in ways that drive transparency, engage them and provide them with the tools to better utilize their plan benefits. Member retention starts on day one.

The foundation of communication is conversations. The conversation between payers and members takes place in more channels than ever before - print, digital, email, mobile, video, web, and social. Each member has preferences for how they prefer to receive and engage in conversations. Some live on their smartphones while others favor the crisp pages of a printed brochure delivered to their mailbox. Others navigate multiple channels, reading EOBs on their personalized website but prefer receiving health information in direct mailings.

Your challenge is to create content, synchronized across all channels - from print to personalized URL’s - to create an engaging connected member experience. It starts with your new member materials, where you have the opportunity to reduce the confusion often associated with numerous mailings and dense language. But it extends beyond the member’s fi rst 90 days, where you have the opportunity to build trust and loyalty through multi-channel communications.

Solutions to Power Multi-Channel Engagement & Education Solutions

We can help create, synchronize and deliver the essential, including compliance-required new member and benefit documents, to the exceptional, such as educational programs to drive members to make smart healthcare decisions.

Our holistic platform provides you with access to a variety of data-driven and technology-powered solutions to help provide accurate, time-sensitive materials to your members throughout their entire journey.

Our solutions include:

Welcome Kits
Welcome Kits
Sponsored Kits

We help deliver everything your members need:

Content Creation

Content Creation and Creative Services:

We help you to create and design your content to meet your goals. Our subject matter experts can create relevant and compelling member content out of the most complicated healthcare subjects.

ID Cards

ID Cards:

We have the capacity to produce millions of high quality, highly customized ID cards each week to ensure you are kept in compliance.



We create static, personalized and specialty directories as well as geographical, radius and full network directories.

Benefit Summaries

Benefit Summaries:

We can deliver Summary of Benefits documents that are personalized and delivered electronically or in print, and also electronically archived.

Drug Formularies

Drug Formularies:

We produce full and abridged Drug Guides. Our production capabilities allow you to print with traditional methods or on-demand.



Our highly automated and intelligent production solutions deliver these documents accurately in a timely manner. We maintain the integrity of personal health information to help keep you in compliance with HIPAA.



Our expertise will help you communicate with your members from the inbox to the mailbox. We create vivid and engaging materials that can motivate members to make healthier decisions and help drive down healthcare costs.


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