Golden results in Golden State

The largest state needs big thinking

In 1900, California was home to less than two million people. Roughly 115 years later, 38 million residents call it home, making the Golden State the most populous in the U.S. More than 1.6 million are low- income residents, served by an independent local public agency that provides them with health coverage.

This volume puts the agency in a prime position to be a leader in searching for providers with innovative services and solutions to improve the quality of care for vulnerable populations. Golden results in Golden State

As the state’s population continues to grow, this agency is also growing at an exponential rate, and their current Medicaid kitting and fulfillment vendor wasn’t able to keep up with their increasing volume. In addition, the client’s manual data processing was straining internal team resources, creating unwanted liabilities in meeting California’s regulatory deadlines and reporting requirements. As a result, the client needed a West Coast services provider that could serve their growing needs, speed their time-to-market, drive scalable cost efficiencies and provide the very best in member satisfaction.

Unleashing the best of RRD Healthcare Solutions

California has always been America’s land of opportunity. This project was no different – particularly for the client. So our experts responded by leveraging the full depth and breadth of the RRD Healthcare Solutions platform, creating a workflow encompassing multiple facilities and skill sets, allowing our people to do what they do best.

Step 1: Streamline the client’s manual input data procedure. By creating an automated system with a secure FTP connection, we were able to parse data to the appropriate RRD Healthcare Solutions facility: one for ID Card printing and another for kit fulfillment.

Step 2: Optimize kit configurations through a combination of both traditional offset and digital print, driving down printing costs and other savings measures through more efficient use of paper stock and materials.

Step 3: Leverage our extensive relationship with a nationwide logistics provider. Because we process so many pieces with them, we were able to comingle kits, slash postage spend-per- piece by 50% and maintain required delivery standards.

Step 4: Expand RRD Healthcare Solutions accounting capabilities, which provided detailed tracking of all releases, and verified counts for the client in the event of an audit.

Delivering results today – room to grow tomorrow

By 2050, demographic experts predict California’s population will reach 50 million people. We think we’ve built a solution that can grow with those projections. In addition to the 50% postage savings in the first year – totaling $1,500,000 for 750,000 kits – the client now uses our extensive translations services to support state requirements for producing materials in other languages, alternate formats like large print, and 508 accessibility compliant versions. And, by working with RRD Healthcare Solutions on other programs, including education and health and wellness programs, the client is realizing the full benefits of working with RRD Healthcare Solutions.


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