New thinking to welcome new members

Looking for a better way to make a first impression

Time and again, scientific studies and basic intuition prove the adage that “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” It’s for just that reason that a multi-state Managed Care Organization (MCO) asked RRD Healthcare Solutions for a more efficient and effective way to produce welcome kits for new members who are under 65 years old.

Serving more than 19 million members, this MCO sought to find the optimal balance between welcoming new members and lowering operating costs on printing, fulfilling and mailing welcome kits, including lengthy Schedule of Benefits and Explanation of Coverage documents. In particular, as volume continued to increase, they began to have challenges handling the process in-house.

RRD Healthcare Solutions had been executing the customer’s Over 65 Medicare Welcome Kits, and the customer approached RRD Healthcare Solutions about managing their Under 65 kits as well. Following an assessment of their needs, the RRD Healthcare Solutions team proposed breaking down the welcome kit into two mailings: a quick-start box with basic elements, followed by a separate set of longer compliance documents.

Although this solution met the customer’s goal of focusing on crafting the member experience, it also resulted in an unintended side effect: two mailings would drive the cost per welcome kit to over $12.

More capacity, less cost

In 2000, IBM released the first commercially available USB drive – the flash drive that revolutionized file sharing. Today, USB drives can hold up to 1 terabyte, the equivalent of more than 700,000 floppy disks. Capacity like that was perfect for our customer’s welcome kit needs.

By leveraging the customer’s data-driven enrollment feed, the RRD Healthcare Solutions Information Technology team matched print-ready and digital files for each new member. Then a unique welcome kit was created for each user, including printed materials and a USB drive with the customer’s logo, all delivered in a letter-sized padded envelope. This new USB drive solution replaced the previous welcome kit and the now simplified contents drastically reduced mailing costs.

The first impression

RRD Healthcare Solutions helped to slash the customer’s per-piece costs – saving them over $2 million in the first plan year. We also reduced turnaround times, even as daily volume increased to a total of12,000 units at two RRD Healthcare Solutions facilities.

Our customer’s initial concern about the potential for member complaints resulting from the change in delivery format was determined to be unfounded. Contrary to concerns, only .002% of the member population called with questions about how to access documents from the USB drive and none complained about the switch in format.

The customer benefited from RRD Healthcare Solution’s deep experience in the healthcare segment as well as our print, e-presentment and fulfillment capabilities. RRD Healthcare Solution’s solution was key in transitioning from a traditional fulfillment, print and ship model to an entirely new solution in less than two months – and at the height of healthcare’s busiest season.

$2 MILLION Savings In The First Plan Year
Turnaround Times Reduced From 2 DAYS To 24 HOURS
Volume Increased To 12,000 UNITS
Less Than 1% Of The Members Called With Questions

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