Non-print solutions become a valuable extension of a client’s print process

Helping a client manage costs – and get through a crisis

During the 1970s, the Nixon administration advanced policy to lead a national shift in health care from its longstanding not-for-profit status to the for-profit model we see today. Yet four decades later, there are still several not-for-profit Managed Care Organizations (MCO) operating, including the one that’s the focus of this client case study from RRD Healthcare Solutions.

This MCO provides employer health benefits plans, dental insurance, flexible-spending accounts and more to over 700,000 members in the Northeast. As a not-for- profit, they’re particularly aggressive about controlling costs. So, as their internal print volume decreased, an opportunity came about to pull print production from an outside vendor to their in-house facilities management company.

At that point, they were more than ten years into the relationship with the other outsource provider that included document composition, production and archive for their Explanation of Benefits (EOB) and denial letters work. But because they also had a multiyear contract in place with a facilities management company for their internal print needs, they were left with unused clicks with the facilities management company – the decision was made to save the money and pull the print production from the outsourcing company.

Although they had had some struggles with the out sourcing partner in the past around the cost and turnaround time of version changes to their EOBs and denial letters, they decided to continue their composition and archive relationship. That is until the outsource company realized that they were losing the print business – and they made the decision to raise the prices on the remaining elements. The relationship quickly deteriorated from there – and that’s when we received the call to help.

Seeing savings – and seeing us through a new lens

Businesses that work to reinvent themselves are the ones that succeed in today’s hyper-competitive market. So while this client had long looked at RRD Healthcare Solutions as a print solutions provider, we supported their business – and grew ours – through our comprehensive suite of non-print solutions. They have come to appreciate that we can do as much or as little as they need. As a result, this client has continued to shift more projects to RRD Healthcare Solutions because they know we understand the healthcare business and that we can deliver.

In addition, our recommendations have saved the client $100,000 a month by optimizing the existing Facility Management’s print capacities, reducing archival fees and labor, trimming integration and implementation times for changes to EOBs and denial letters, and more. We now help this MCO manage almost 100 versions of EOB and denial letters, 900,000 monthly impressions and more than 90 million archive items. Our deep understanding of their business, programming expertise and scale of services have positioned us as one of their most trusted partners – and the relationship continues to grow.