Building a legendary relationship with a historic leader in patient care

New thinking for a client with over 150 years of knowledge and experience

Imagine the medical world in the 1800s. Cholesterol had just been discovered. Penicillin had not. The average life expectancy was 40 years. And one of today’s best-known health service companies was only beginning to take the shape we know today.

While the medical world of that age looks nothing like it does today, a legendary RRD Healthcare Solutions client (now operating, in part, as a Managed Care Organization) has withstood the test of time to now serve millions of members across more than 25 countries.

More than 86 Million Customers
More than 37,000 Employees
More than 25 Countries

And yet, even with two centuries of experience in the business, this client sought a new and different way to more efficiently run its in-house print and communications services requirements. So, they turned to a company that has its own legendary and lengthy pedigree: RRD Healthcare Solutions.

By the time the decision was made to reduce their print and communications services costs, the MCO had already been an RRD Healthcare Solutions client for nearly 15 years. That existing familiarity gave us unique insights during a complex transition requiring:

  • Transitioning in-house print and warehousing responsibilities to several strategically located RRD Healthcare Solutions facilities
  • Absorbing key staff in purchasing, customer service, inventory and program management
  • Trucking existing inventory to RRD Healthcare Solutions facilities
  • Coordinating with one client facility required to remain open to take advantage of an existing building lease and on-site equipment

Combining best practices with best-in-class capabilities

Our deep understanding of the Managed Care industry was key in this transition – particularly our insight that not all print jobs would be simple “bid and buy” transactions. As it turned out, the client had numerous jobs requiring specialized management to ensure CMS compliance and overall project success. Working closely with the client, we created two separate sets of business rules (eventually adopted as workflow processes) for print program pricing and execution:

  • Transactional, print-one-time jobs that could be put through the bid/buy process
  • Complex ongoing programs work involving PHI, Scope of Work and/or data feeds

RRD Healthcare Solutions combined three important factors – unique among our competitors—to handle both types of projects seamlessly, resulting in measurable cost savings, internal customer satisfaction, and critical management and visibility into all print spend. Those three factors were:

But our work hasn’t stopped there. As part of their commitment to Minority, Women and Veteran-owned businesses, the client leveraged our “bid and buy” program to increase their Diversity spend from 2% to 30%.

A relationship built for decades to come

Throughout history, advances in medicine and patient care have rarely happened alone; collaboration has been key. That’s certainly the case with RRD Healthcare Solutions and this client. For years, we’ve worked together to lower costs, improve processes, open new opportunities for a diverse array of vendors, and much more – all to help patients around the world achieve better health outcomes.

Through a combination of current best practices, technological superiority and our deep intellectual capital, we’ve enhanced the client’s entire enterprise through streamlined print supply chain processes, anchored by a centralized print management infrastructure providing:

  • Reduced print costs through consolidating, standardizing and converting to print-and fulfillment-on-demand
  • Improved operational efficiencies
  • Greatly decreased print obsolescence
  • Comprehensive understanding of total print spend

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