Repairing damage done from a massive data breach with speed and accuracy

Serving the needs of all stakeholders in the process

Hackers can inflict tremendous damage in seconds. Our task was to be part of the team to help this client respond to this unforeseen, difficult and very time sensitive situation. We started by assembling a team of experienced leaders who have helped other clients in similar situations. We then worked with the MCO to develop a comprehensive response that would address a vast array of internal stakeholder roles: list processing, programming, production, logistics, archiving and reporting.

Coming together to help one client and millions of its members

Through many late nights, midnight emails, last-minute approvals, and 24-hour production shifts, RRD Healthcare Solutions and the MCO rose to the challenge of helping millions of members understand what had happened – and what steps would be taken next. Within days of receiving data, we cleansed records and addresses, formatted, programmed and tested the results, and began mailing.

Initially the client limited the number of pieces mailed per day, concerned that their call centers would not be able to handle inbound call volume. But call volume was lower than expected, allowing us to quickly ramp up production to millions of units per day – and just as quickly putting millions of minds at ease.

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