Take control of member and provider communication with RRDCare

Our proprietary client portal designed specifically for our health plan clients: Serves as a single point of entry to all of RRD’s online tools and provides self service client tools to unlock vital functions and information quickly and easily.

Reduce manual
steps in
everyday tasks
Allow business
owner control
of critical tasks
Improve access and
visibility to status
and milestones
Provide the right kind
of historical information
to prove compliance

The thoughtful use of technology to help you create and produce managed care communication

Manage Production

  • Take control of production and gain insight to your data driven documents
  • ANOC, Enrollment and Post-Enrollment Guides, Welcome Kits, Notifications, ID Cards, and more
  • Features include job status & tracking, collaborative proof and approval, crosswalk management, dynamic reporting, image archive, and more

eCommerce Portal

  • RRD is the gold standard in providing tools for managing kitting and fulfillment of printed materials
  • Your users can order static and custom materials – but within your controls
  • Use Demand Management to gather Pre- and Post-enrollment orders to drive print volumes

Manage Content

  • Simplify the creation of complex, plan-specific documents
  • Use your plan data to drive variation – stop creating multiple templates
  • Automate the creation of ANOCs, EOCs, Contracts, Riders, Formularies, and more

ID Card Zone

  • Exciting tool suite made specifically for ID Card owners
  • Incredible production control – hold data, customize release groups, audit/preview, pulls, and reroutes
  • You control content – use any one of three different methods to manage the content and look/feel of your cards; with instant preview and testing

Directory Zone

  • Stay ahead of changing directory regulations and trends by controlling your own layout and geo-coding logic
  • Use our simple and intuitive tool to create and adjust your layout – make format variations by section or please your sales team by allowing regional variations
  • On demand testing with your own provider data
  • Launch your format(s) for print or integrate with your online provider finder

Letters Zone

  • Letters can’t wait for your traditional change management process
  • Select to “Manage Templates” or “Create One Time” letter
  • Template management provides an intuitive interface for modifying your letter content, with on demand preview and testing
  • Our One Time letter flow allows you to centrally control the production of those ad-hoc letter projects you need right now

A single point of entry for all RRD online with self-service client tools that unlock vital functions and information quickly and easily.

Interaction and Insight for Business Owners via:

  • Content & Template management
  • Online Proofing Workflows
  • Job Health + Status tracking
  • Grid/Crosswalk Management
  • Ad-hoc Order Creation
  • Report Creation
  • Document Archival

Client Service teams connect to RRD Care to access critical member metrics:

  • Job and package tracking
  • Fast and powerful search of 10 years of document archives
  • On demand email of archived documents
  • Profile and consent management

Compliance and Legal teams can manage regulatory and internal audits and compliance:

  • Review compliance success for each project, job, and record
  • Access to document archives
  • Historical report archive
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RRDCare Extended Overview

RRDCare helps you to save time, improve speed to market, enhance compliance and improve program oversight.

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