Document Management

New and redesigned systems, processes and procedures in hospitals, health systems and other healthcare providers, create ever changing workflows. Ones that can create unnecessary steps, duplication of efforts and increased costs.

Document Pathways

Document Pathways is a workflow analysis process that targets information-gathering within a facility or throughout a healthcare network. It enables forms consolidation, elimination and standardization. Plus, it identifies unnecessary printed materials and defines a path to an electronic alternative, reducing costs and improving workflows.


Manage static print ordering and fulfillment efficiently. RRD Healthcare Solutions’ CustomPoint® print management system empowers users to manage, control, and track print orders from inventory, or have them printed on demand. Healthcare organizations use it to:

  • Reduce print costs through consolidation and standardization
  • Convert to print-and-fulfillment-on-demand
  • Slash waste associated with print obsolescence

Composition Services

Create efficiencies with RRD Healthcare Solutions single-source composition services. We provide graphic design capabilities that increase cost efficiency and decrease turnaround time and error potential. Our services include:

  • Digital and print composition
  • Content management
  • Color management
  • Change management
  • Translation Services

We make technology work for you, resulting in better designed documents that require fewer revisions.

Print On Demand

Achieve greater control by printing what you need and only when you need it. RRD Healthcare Solutions’ extensive digital and variable print platform provides print-on-demand services that help healthcare organizations reduce:

  • Waste
  • Obsolescence
  • Storage costs

Plus, our facilities are geographically located to best serve your needs.

One Stop Shop

Manage your entire universe of print through one source reducing the costs associated with managing multiple suppliers and leveraging the value of an increase spend with a trusted partner. We provide forms, stock and custom labels, commercial print, stationery, brochures, envelopes, newsletters, direct mail. posters and signage, promotional items and much more. Plus we have the services to support managing this complex set of products.